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[New feature] One-click access to Voice Commerce in your Online Store. Connect CDP data, NLP and AI Product Recommendations to Voice Search to deliver next-gen mobile buying experience.

    Have you heard about Voice Commerce? According to Visual Thesaurus, people can speak 125 to 150 words per minute, which’s over three times faster than the average typing speed. Because of this inherent human ability, voice search became a new daily habit of our lives. It’s more natural for people to talk than […]

Full overview of the efficiency of your marketing campaigns in one Automation Processes Dashboard

    37% of (EmailMonday) marketers believe that one of the most important possibilities of marketing automation strategy is to measure its performance. By considering that 75% (MooSend) of email revenue comes from personalized campaigns, we have realized that the key feature of SALESmanago system analytics is easy access to the most important statistics of […]

[NEW FEATURE] Turbocharge your Online Store search engine with AI Recommendations, NLP, Customer Data and Voice Recognition

    61% websites get search results below consumer expectations. This is why SALESmanago is introducing a new technology supporting Online Stores Search Engines with Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing. And to increase your Customer Experience via mobile it includes Voice Recognition too. And all of that to make sure your Search Engine becomes another […]

[NEW FEATURE] Command Center sets a new UI standard for the management of KPI-oriented omnichannel, multipurpose, and multitool marketing processes

    According to Marketing Automation specialist, David Raab, as many as 70% (Vendasta) of marketers are dissatisfied with software they use. Why? Most of them refer to the too complex structure of the platform, too hard system management, and a quarter of users (Autopilot) do not know how to use the tools effectively with […]

Loyalty program for Online Store – Increase customer LTV by deploying loyalty data to segmentation, gamification, reward programs and omnichannel Workflows

    Acquiring a new customer costs 5 to 25 times (Harvard Business Review) more than maintaining the current one and this is why more and more B2C companies are deciding to implement Loyalty Programmes. And their implementation seems to be a good approach as according to Accenture research, customers involved in loyalty programs not […]