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Loyalty program for Online Store – Increase customer LTV by deploying loyalty data to segmentation, gamification, reward programs and omnichannel Workflows

    Acquiring a new customer costs 5 to 25 times (Harvard Business Review) more than maintaining the current one and this is why more and more B2C companies are deciding to implement Loyalty Programmes. And their implementation seems to be a good approach as according to Accenture research, customers involved in loyalty programs not […]

[New Feature] Convert and acquire more customers with advanced Custom Modal Designer’s capabilities of website hyperpersonalization via advanced and highly configurable popups.

    Customers tend to leave the store if they are not able to find offers and information relevant to them. If you are not able to catch their attention, it’s very likely you will lose them. With that in mind, we developed a new, advanced designer which will allow you to create custom, personalized […]

[New Feature] Conditional Content – personalize selected widgets and sections of your emails to specific segments of your database or individuals.

    We are proud to announce an all-encompassing expansion to the SALESmanago personalization features with Conditional Content. It enables adjusting parts of your emails to perfectly fit the interest of diverse recipient groups of the same campaign. Simply define what user segments should get different offers and information and increase your email marketing’s effectiveness. […]

[New feature] New and unbeatable Email Marketing Dashboard. Explore new types of behavioural and transactional data to improve your email efficiency.

    Email campaigns continue to be one of the most effective tools in marketing all the while being updated with new possibilities, like advanced personalization or A/B/X tests. As these new methods become available, it can be cumbersome to keep track of all aspects of your campaigns. This is exactly why we’re introducing a […]

[New feature] Purchase, CLV and customer churn prediction – new advanced contact database analytics based on AI & Machine Learning algorithms

    Use a new dimension of analytics in your communication strategy and execute marketing campaigns and automation processes based on predictions of our AI & Machine Learning engine. Increase customer retention and lifetime value by predicting the next customer purchase or their churn and sending perfectly tailored offers at the right time and through […]

[New Feature] Mobile Marketing 2.0: Enrich your mobile 1-to-1 personalization strategy with powerful WhatsApp and Viber communicators.

  Mobile users generate 66% of Internet traffic and 79% of them make their shopping decisions based on offers sent via mobile messaging apps and SMS. We introduce totally new Mobile Marketing in SALESmanago, which extends your mobile campaigns’ capabilities with new channels – Whatsapp and Viber.   Mobile messaging is still one of the […]