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[Tips & Tricks] Tackle the 4Es of New Marketing Mix with CDP

    A good Marketing Mix includes the 4Ps. But, is it enough to succeed in the digital world? If not, which solutions can be used to bridge the gap? Is the Customer Data Platform the key? Keep reading to find out. The line dividing the change from one paradigm to the next is often […]

7 tricks to boost data collection now that the cookie’s crumbled

    Collecting zero-party data is not that hard, once you have a good idea and proper tools to execute it. The necessity of building a zero-party data collection strategy may be closer than you think. Here are 7 tricks to boost data collection in a cookieless world.   The shift away from third-party cookies […]

20 tips & tricks from top performing Marketing Automation specialists to survive in a cookieless digital world

  The post-cookie marketing landscape creates a plethora of marketing opportunities. To navigate it efficiently, it’s worth exploring alternatives to third-party data-driven marketing. Here are 20 tips from top experts on how to navigate this world and create ethical campaigns with the resources available.   Almost half (49%) of respondents believe that data privacy is […]

A few tricks to understand customer’s profile across brands using CDP

    The most important resource that eCommerce companies can have is customer data. Those that own more than one brand have unique insights into customer behavior across brands. Customer Data Platform is perfect for a comprehensive understanding of customer profiles using diverse data. Here’s a quick guide on how to get started.   When […]

Negative target group – how to extract it and what you can learn from it?

    Negative Target Group is one of the less known marketing tools. Used well, it can be extremely effective. It helps you create better content, better target your ads, let those marketing dollars stretch further, and ultimately results in increased ROI. Keep reading to learn how to find negative buyer personas and what you […]

5 dazzling ways of email content personalization

    Email marketing personalization is a surefire way to boost performance in this channel. According to Smart Insights, up to 63% of consumers won’t buy from brands that don’t use personalization*. Email marketing practitioners know many tricks to personalize email campaigns even better. Here are 5 turbo-charged ways to personalize emails.   There is […]

How to build an effective multi-channel loyalty program for eCommerce?

    Loyalty programs are great tools for eCommerce development. They allow you to maximize the value of individual transactions, increase CLV, and positively impact consumer retention. Programs that provide a consistent experience across multiple channels work best. How do you create an effective multi-channel loyalty program? Keep reading to discover the answer!   Loyalty […]