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7 Quick Pro Tips For eCommerce Dashboards Personalization

    eCommerce dashboards provide real-time insight into the dynamics of online stores and allow you to quickly identify areas that require urgent action, streamlining workflows, and re-allocating resources. A well-tailored data visualization software is a valuable marketing tool. What are the best tips to personalize a dashboard? Here are a few tricks.   As […]

3 Out-of-the-box Ideas For Personalizing B2C Emails

    Email marketing plays an extremely important role in the B2C sector. It helps you stay in touch with your customers, make sales efficiently and build relationships and loyalty. A few simple tricks help boost this communication and quickly tailor messages to specific audiences in a clever way. Here are 3 uncommon ideas for […]

Masterclass of dynamic Omnichannel excellence

    Building an omnichannel experience is slowly becoming the market standard in e-commerce. One of the premises of this trend is to create a consistent experience in all channels and throughout all touch points between the customer and the brand. One of the most useful tools in the implementation of this idea is dynamic […]

12 tricks to turn Command Center into a tool for marketing strategy execution

    Implementation of a marketing strategy is quite a challenge. Before you start reaping the rewards, you need to prepare and plan thoroughly. During execution of tasks you must also keep your eye on the ball, because while running several campaigns at once even the best marketing specialist can easily get lost. Command Center […]

How to Become a Visual Search Trailblazer in Three Easy Steps

    Visual search is taking over eCommerce by storm. Younger audiences prefer to search by photo rather than traditionally type in proper phrases. And even if it might seem like a song of the future, visual search engines are easy to implement. What’s more, with three easy steps they will help you bring CX […]

Email click-through rate sweet secrets

    Let’s focus on how many emails we receive daily. Well, surprisingly, the number of mailings reaches an average of 121 emails per day (CampaignMonitor).  So how to step out from the promotional-email-marketing-crowd? You have to make your mailing unique and eye-catching. It’s a kind of a harsh job when 14.5 billion spam emails […]

Three different Loyalty Program strategies for Acquisition & Retention of customers

    Many big brands over the world have a problem finding the balance between acquiring new customers and maintaining regular ones. Statistically, about 44% of companies have a greater focus on customer acquisition strategy, and only 18% concentrate on retention (Huify). It’s kinda strange that efforts to improve retention are often put on the […]

3 ways to create custom search engine campaigns with AI Search Engine Turbocharger

  72% of websites completely fail to meet expectations for search results (BigCommerce). Basic eCommerce search engines are not able to understand and deliver relevant results, especially when 34% of users search for non-product related content (Baymard). The new SALESmanago solution answers these problems. Search Engine Turbocharger is a mechanism which supports the operation of […]

How to create an omnichannel marketing campaign for a dedicated group of customers?

    As many as 74% of enterprise companies are actively looking for new use-cases to increase the level of process automation in their business (ThinkAutomation). At SALESmanago, we are constantly developing the possibilities of planning and implementing a multi-channel Customer Journey in order to maximize the probability of making a purchase. Now, thanks to […]

How to use A/B/X tests for marketing campaigns optimization and higher conversion

    Succeeding in your marketing campaigns will usually take some trial and error. It’s worth the trouble though. Optimization of marketing automation is the key ingredient of any company’s growth and good sales results, and A/B/X testing, which is a huge part of optimization, can raise your conversion by 46%. We have some tips […]