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How to build a common CMO & CTO Framework for AI driven CX Value Creation

  With the development of eCommerce, proliferation of marketing channels and vanishing customer loyalty to Brands, modern CMO gets under enormous pressure to take proper care of Customer Experience. But if taking care of the Brand image requires some marketing budget and proper cooperation with media houses and agencies, then a proper approach to Customer […]

SALESmanago Roadmap Q3: Conditional Content, Custom Modal Designer, and sharing marketing resources between accounts for Enterprise clients

    With the Conditional Content functionality, you’ll be able to set different offer variants to be displayed for different groups of recipients in the same email campaign, and with the new popup creator, you’ll be able to easily and quickly create custom messages displayed to the visitors of your webpage. Find out about all […]

SALESmanago named High Performer in the Enterprise segment in the Marketing Automation category in the latest G2 Crowd Report.

    In the latest G2 report on market leaders, SALESmanago was once more recognized as the leading provider of Marketing Automation software. We are proud and grateful that our customers appreciate our work. Customer satisfaction is the best measure of product quality.   SALESmanago was ranked as the High Performer in the Enterprise segment […]

[Case Study] Thanks to the implementation of AI scenarios in their marketing communication, achieves 258,43% higher conversion from dynamic emails in comparison to their previous email campaigns. made their debut on the eCommerce scene in 2006. For years they’ve maintained their unquestionably prestigious position in the annals of the music industry on the internet. Their repertoire is incredibly varied: from legendary rap albums, through newschool, to the younger generation of trap performers. Fans can also purchase from them streetwear […]

Kamasutra of eMail Marketing Deliverability [eBOOK]

    Many companies underestimate the sensual art of email campaigns. Composing a message and gently pressing the “send” button may seem like the easiest, most natural act in the world. But you’d be surprised how big a part is played by this kind of foreplay as 85% of emails tragically remain unopened. Avoiding your […]

[Case Study] increases Email Marketing open rate results several-fold by using advanced segmentation and dynamic content in the marketing email communication. is a wonderful world of blue denim. Although they have been on the market since 2014, its creators have over 20 years of experience. runs an online retail store and a stationary one, where you can find products from various manufacturers. customers can easily choose from a wide selection of clothes […]

[Case Study] Ania Kruk is personalizing it’s marketing communication and achieves a 62% growth of conversion thanks to the use of AI recommendations and precise targeting of their content to the selected customer groups.

  Ania Kruk is a company started by siblings – Wojtek and Ania Kruk in 2012. They are representatives of the fifth generation of famous jewelers Kruk family with nearly 200 years of tradition. Since the beginning the brand combines opposites: a long tradition with the freshness of the new generation and precious materials with […]

[Case Study] Aumaerk generates 8% of all transactions thanks to intelligent abandoned cart recovery automation campaign as well as an increased website traffic conversion rate by 240% with automated lead generation popups.

  Aumaerk is one of the largest and most recognized German meat producers, supplying the most prestigious restaurants and michelin-star chefs worldwide. They manufacture extremely high quality meat in a way that makes it as easy and quick as possible to prepare for their customers.   Challenges Balancing B2B and Ecommerce business needs between restaurants […]

[Case Study] Milworld implements dynamic product retargeting and achieves a 500% higher opening rate and 1000% higher click rate compared to its email campaigns. Because of the automatic contact activation process, the company manages to re-engage 25% of their clients.

  Milword is a military and tourist shop for all lovers of various types of activity, people practicing survival, hunters, fishermen, globetrotters, travelers, as well as ordinary tourists. Their wide offer includes brands such as Surplus, Brandit, 5.11, Jack Pyke, Highlander. Many years of experience contribute to satisfying care for every customer not only through […]