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6 ways to increase popup conversion

    Personalized pop-ups are a good way to attract new customers and an important part of your marketing plan. Did you know that you can increase pop-up conversion by 84% by adding graphics and achieve 206% higher efficiency by reducing the number of form fields? Find out what else you should pay attention to […]

3 (non)obvious ways to use tag scoring

    Automatic customer segmentation is a very helpful tool for companies wanting to ensure precise targeting of marketing campaigns. However, segmentation based on tag scoring gives you even more possibilities in this regard. We present three effective ways to use it.   Automatic segmentation works based on determining the situation in which a given […]

5 website conversion tips to use with SALESmanago

  Using a Customer Data Platform can help you with optimizing your website to achieve much higher conversion rates. You don’t have to settle for a meager conversion of 1-2%, with just a few simple actions to improve your website using marketing automation, you can increase it to even 7%. We’re happy to present you […]

4 examples of advanced Workflow functions that will improve your marketing.

  We present four Workflow use cases that show the functions that you may not be aware of. Check what new possibilities open before you thanks to the improvements we recently introduced.   Creating a perfect automated campaign may seem like a difficult task, especially when we want it to be extensive and adjusted to […]