[New Feature] Unlock Deep Behavioral Personalization with Product Collections


Explore the capabilities of Product Collections and harness the potential of deep behavioral personalization. Learn about individual customer-product relationships, shape personalized campaigns, foster customer loyalty, and redefine your marketing playbook.


In a market saturated with a multiverse of data, Product Collections emerges as a comprehensive bridge between eCommerce platforms and SALESmanago. It allows marketers to harness deep behavioral insights, decode customer behavior, and tailor highly personalized campaigns. Product Collections challenge the common approach to wishlists and basic recommendations by anticipating customer needs and leveraging smart strategies grounded in the intimate relationship between customers and products.


Understanding Product Collections


At its core, Product Collections is more than just a feature –  it’s a behavioral data powerhouse. While the competitors focus on wishlists and basic recommendations, we take a step further. 

As customers interact with your products (enlarge images, rate and compare items, etc.) Product Collections capture and process information from diverse data points, offering refined recommendations based on genuine connections customers forge with your products. This versatile tool enables understanding customer interactions, offering a significant advantage in tailored marketing strategies.


Why it’s a Game-Changer?


Holistic Customer Understanding: Product Collections offers a holistic view of customer product interactions, enabling businesses to predict future behavior and craft more targeted and effective marketing strategies.


Enhanced Customer Segmentation: By creating segments based on customer preferences and behaviors, businesses can run highly personalized campaigns.


Product notifications: Send price-drop, back-in-stock, and other product notifications to keep your customers informed and engaged.


Post-Purchase Engagement: Encourage customer reviews and recommendations, fostering post-purchase engagement.


Long-term customer loyalty: Identify interests, preferences, patterns, dependencies, and trends more efficiently, providing a personalised experience that bonds customers with your brand!


Versatility Across Industries


Whether you’re in the eCommerce, travel, or digital streaming industry, Product Collections caters to a variety of needs. From simple interactions with the product page to detailed tracking of product image engagement, the duration of the interaction, and the level of completion – depending on the product type.


For digital products like films and games, it can track customer scores, engagement, and completion rates, and provide you with actionable insights.
In the travel industry, it can decode users’ preferences about destinations, group size, and other travel-related interests. For eCommerce, it goes beyond basic recommendations, presenting related gadgets, accessories, and personalized suggestions based on ratings and opinions left by your customers. All gathered information can be further used through other marketing tools offered by SALESmanago.


How Does It Work?


Product Collections seamlessly integrate with your eCommerce platform, through Product Catalogs using Product API. They help to collect customer-product data instantly from multiple endpoints, transforming customer’s relationship with the product into targeted campaigns, promotions, and recommendations. In a few simple steps, create endless collections (wishlists, back-in-stock, liked products, etc.) and leverage gathered customer data. By putting these insights into action, marketers can enhance customer segmentation for more personalized campaigns and better decision-making, on top of sending out price-drop and back-in-stock notifications to their customers.


Bring individualized customer experiences to life


The distinctive value of Product Collections lies in its ability to turn behavioral data into a strategic advantage. From keeping track of wishlists to visualizing product preferences, this feature empowers marketers to engage customers seamlessly across devices. It allows businesses to not only react to customer actions but proactively shape their future shopping experiences.


Wrapping Up: Redefine Your Marketing Playbook with Product Collections!


Dive into the possibilities, shape meaningful connections, and let your marketing strategies reflect on your customers’ behaviors and needs. Embrace the future of eCommerce with Product Collections and make every interaction an opportunity to craft a unique and lasting impression:

  • Understand and anticipate customer needs
  • Uncover preferences 
  • Craft deeply personalized campaigns
  • Send product notifications
  • Gather product data instantly from multiple endpoints
  • Boost post-purchase engagement
  • Redefine your relationship with customers 

SALESmanago is a Customer Engagement Platform for impact-hungry eCommerce marketing teams who want to be lean yet powerful, trusted revenue growth partners for CEOs. Our AI-driven solutions have already been adopted by 2000+ mid-size businesses in 50 countries, as well as many well-known global brands such as Starbucks, Vodafone, Lacoste, KFC, New Balance and Victoria’s Secret.

SALESmanago delivers on its promise of maximizing revenue growth and improving eCommerce KPIs by leveraging three principles: (1) Customer Intimacy to create authentic customer relationships based on Zero and First Party Data; (2) Precision Execution to provide superior Omnichannel customer experience thanks to Hyperpersonalization; and (3) Growth Intelligence merging human and AI-based guidance enabling pragmatic and faster decision making for maximum impact.

More information: www.salesmanago.com

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