61% websites get search results below consumer expectations. This is why SALESmanago is introducing a new technology supporting Online Stores Search Engines with Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing. And to increase your Customer Experience via mobile it includes Voice Recognition too. And all of that to make sure your Search Engine becomes another serious point of converting customers.


More and more customers are using Search Engines at online Stores but those have their serious limitations


According to the reports of Deconstructing E-Commerce Search and The State of Mobile E-Commerce Search and Category Navigation published by Baymard Institute these are the most problematic phenomena connected to Search Engines used by Online Stores

  • 61% get search results below consumer expectations,
  • 70%  do not support synonyms and related terms,
  • 46%  do not support thematic inquiries, 
  • 32% do not support symbols and abbreviations, which causes users to lose perfectly targeted products,
  • 27% of cases will not produce useful results if users misspell just one character in the product title.

On top of that obviously there is the most important challenge of search results being somehow disconnected from the person making the query. Disconnected from the Customer Data Profile. SALESmanago Search Engine Turbocharger meets all these problems and lends a helping hand to marketers that want to improve this space of Customer Experience.

5 reasons you should make SALESmanago Search Engine Turbocharger an integral part of your search engine strategy at your online Store


Search engines at Online Stores have always been kind of neglected simply because they are added as standard features of Online Store configuration especially when you set up your online store at one of the E-Commerce Platforms like Magento, Presta Shop, WooCommerce or Shopify. But now you do not have to be dependent on them and here is a list of what you can achieve now with the new SALESmanago Feature.

  • Upgrade your online store search engine results by delivering answers perfectly matching all queries thanks to the use of advanced NLP technology and sets of interrelated computational approaches that work together to home in on user intent,
  • Enrich your search engine page with AI-based product recommendations. Measure engagement in presented search results and score the effectiveness of each result to optimize feature recommendations,
  • Apply merchandising expertise to drive incremental revenue. Create custom collections pages for special occasions by building unique campaigns with perfectly matched products,
  • Simplify the way of products search thanks to the unbeatable AI Voice Search Engine which is seamlessly to use and easy to implement,
  • Measure your searchandising success through available advanced reports and search analytics dashboard.

Last but not least, with over 50% of the traffic worldwide coming from mobile devices by implementing the VOICE FEATURE make sure your customers browsing your online store via mobile phone do not face the pain of tedious manual searching for products and clicking through dozens of nonsensical filters.


Examples of using Search Engine Turbocharger that will surprise you and your customers and sometimes go a little bit beyond what you may think search engine has been built for

  • Surprise customers by displaying products that they exactly want to see – the newest technology allows all inquiries to be understood. That’s why customers can enter what they are looking for in any form, and they will get perfectly matched products to their interest. 
  • Quicker searching by AI Voice Search – let customers find interesting products without losing time on entering queries, but only by clicking one button and saying what they are looking for. Perfect solution for users, who are accustomed to quick mobile usage. 
  • Dedicated campaigns for special occasions – determine which products will be displayed for specific keywords entered by customers to search engine. Create unusual product recommendations for special occasions e.g. dreamed Christmas gifts or best birthday presents. 
  • Better control by defining what filters should be returned to dedicated queries – define what kind of filters and products will be displayed for specific queries. Control what you show your customers if they are searching for nonstandard products which probably you don’t have in your main products range. Thanks to this, recommend products based on a cross-selling strategy. 
  • Deeply analysis allows for sales growth – analyze which phrases are the most searched and improve your dedicated product recommendations to increase revenue.