According to Forrester, 74% of companies say they want to be “data driven,” but only 29% are actually successful at connecting analytics to action. It is a common myth that the effective use of martech requires cooperation with a data scientist. The same way SALESmanago, as no-code and low-code, is possible to use without IT, now we make it possible to use martech without a data scientist. Use our data-based marketing insights as new currency for your business.


The ugly truth: Analytical tools are elitist and overly complicated!


Many professionals lack the basic skills to use the data stored in their Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) and marketing automation platforms. The more they stare at their dashboards, the more frustrated they become. Is a 14% Open Rate (OR) in a marketing newsletter good, or is it bad? What actions will work best for customers with an alarming risk of churn? And so on… At the end of the day, gaining digital insights and intertwining them with the DNA of your business is a challenge for most CDP users. So what you need, in fact, is either a council of data analysts, an Ivy-League-level data science course, or… a system that prompts bespoke actionable insights based on your CDP data. Why is that so important?

  • 87% of organizations are classified as having low business intelligence (BI) and analytics maturity (Gartner).
  • 74% of companies say they want to be “data driven,” but only 29% are actually successful at connecting analytics to action (Forrester).
  • 56% of marketers think their companies can’t keep up with marketing technology evolution (Walker Sands).
  • 40% of chief executive officers pointed toward their inability to implement the right data technology according to business models, and 85% stated that they strive hard to implement the proper solutions based on their data insights (KPMG India).
  • 73% of companies did not have the right personnel to manage their marketing automation platform (Aberdeen).

It’s reasonable that once you invest in a CDP, you want it to shower you with new business opportunities and generate satisfying income. That moment when you realize that you have one of the most advanced AI-powered tools and zero idea how to maximize its potential can be somewhat disappointing and frustrating. You may even start to believe that CDP is one big hoax or scam. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to look like this!


Take your marketing to a whole new level and accelerate ROI with AI-driven BI Marketing Insights by SALESmanago


Marketing Insights is an AI-powered solution that analyzes SALESmanago user accounts in the area of customer data, transactions, behaviors and scope of platform usage and automatically generates tips and insights for direct actions to be taken by marketing teams.

  • Actionable eCommerce Insights translate real-time data into ready-made solutions for your business. They offer a helping hand in different areas, such as automation processes, email marketing and lead generation. Here are some examples:
    • Automation Process Insights: If a particular rule’s recent performance is getting worse, the system will push you forward to optimize its settings. It will also suggest some sales-oriented actions, such as implementing product recommendations into your strategy. 
    • Email Marketing Insights: The system will assess your email marketing efficiency and suggest how you can improve its results. 
    • Lead Generation Insights: If your pop-up underperforms, the insight will inspire you with mobile optimization suggestions. 
  • Tips & Tricks give you access to the know-how of top marketing automation specialists. Tips will guide you step by step through solutions you haven’t discovered before. Here are a few examples:
    • Analytics: Learn how to measure revenue from online campaigns more efficiently. The tip directs you to the Revenue Attribution Analytics feature, which helps you identify the campaigns that generate the highest revenue. 
    • CDP: Enhance your marketing with actionable data. Learn the best ways to boost customer experience with 360° customer profiles and improve marketing communication. 
    • Social Media: See how to create and use ad audiences in Automation Processes. Find the most efficient way to combine data from different channels to reach customers with particular interests. 
  • Checklists allow you to make sure you are deploying the full potential of the platform and its feature richness for the best marketing results.

Get what you paid for: A customer data platform that delivers ROI

  • Make your marketing dollars work for you with targeted actions. Focus only on those activities that can and will affect your ROI.
  • React in real time to low-performing campaigns. Eliminate or modify actions that don’t bring you tangible benefits.
  • Focus on creativity and generating ROI within a few days of implementing a CDP. Actionable insights will guide you through a platform.
  • Challenge yourself daily to become a better marketer with a ready-made checklist.
  • Learn the SALESmanago CDXP platform step by step with bite-sized prompts. 
  • Explore new features with easy applicable tips and tricks. You don’t have to be a CDP pro to make the most of its features. Use our comprehensive marketing library and combine it with your expert knowledge of business.

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