Providing ecommerce services is not easy – being consistent and delivering effective cross-channel communication to your customers? It can be and it’s totally worth it. Implementing personalization in your marketing strategy is the key to increase your profits by at least 15%.


What’s the matter with this personalization? 


Basically, ecommerce personalization is the process of giving individual experience to each and every user. The website’s overall view and content can vary depending on the customer’s activity, demographics, browsing behavior, or other data. Around 80% of shoppers are actually more willing to make a purchase from the website that practice such actions. According to Shopify, before actual implementation, you need to analyze 3 important factors. Firstly you need to meet the users’ needs – learn about them, get to know them and predict what they are expecting to see. Secondly, even if it can be quite challenging – avoid turning visitors off with poor recommendations – if you start to use them, be sure they work properly and are based on proven algorithms. As a third thing, highlights that personalization can be quite expensive and time-consuming, so decide on it if the potential return justifies the investment.


Steps for success


To take full advantage of personalization you need to remember about few things. 

  • track the customer behavior on the website and in the mobile app
  • implement the data source (product feed) which will serve as a database for offers
  • select right placements on the website, email, web push and other communication channels
  • specify how you would like to personalize these placements
  • introduce the right logics – ready-to-use recommendation engines or custom one

Creating content, as well as the website is a trial-and-error – you need to constantly analyze every implementation and its feedback. It’s the only way to obtain data that are actually working and what’s not. 


The tools of personalization


With SALESmanago you can easily deliver the most personalized experience to your customers by a mix of ready to use and customizable mechanisms to show relevant content. The most effective feature is dynamic content which gives you the possibility to adjust specific parts of the site or email to individual users in real time, based on predefined mechanisms deciding on what should be shown to this person in the first place. 

SALESmanago gives you various options to fully personalize the website with not only the graphics and message to visitor profile and segments but also dynamically adjusting discounts and pricing to address customer values, create personalized forms and landing pages without any help of IT or use intelligent product 1-to-1 recommendations. In order to measure the results of these features, you have an easy access to advanced analytics while also using A/B/X test can optimize your campaigns with no complications.