Instead of stargazing, search for solid proofs

Instead of stargazing, search for solid proofs

Some marketers are still gazing into their crystal balls instead of rooting their work in empirical data analysis conducted via marketing automation platform. Today we decided to try this approach, and that’s how this unique one-of-the-kind digital marketer’s horoscope became possible. Our office fortune teller John doesn’t promise any accuracy, only tons of fun and laughter! Have a good Friday!






Push Notification (16.01 – 15.02): You are a gifted person with many faces. You are not afraid to ask others’ opinion, and you get response surprisingly often. It’s easy for you to encourage people to go where you want and to do what you planned for them. During the next week be careful not to overwhelm others with your personality so that they won’t delete your data from the contact list.




Buyer Persona (16.02 – 15.03): For many people you are perfect. They dream about meeting you and spending life together. They even have a special place where they keep your picture. You embody the ideal recipient and are an excellent reference point for many of your friends’ actions. Tip for today: don’t feather your nest – people need you as an impersonation and a symbol.



Mobile App (16.03 – 15.04): An authentic “Quick Silver” you are. You’re everywhere, you’re mobile and helpful, and you act fast. Those mediatory skills of yours are a perfect match with your ability of independent decision making. Sometimes you get overwhelmed with all the data you receive and all the secrets you just can’t catalog. Consider mobile marketing automation platform, which will segregate them for you, so you can take a deep breath and do what you like the most.



Abandoned Cart (16.04 – 15.05): Once you were a queen of the ball. The audience dreamed about you and desired every inch of your being. Unfortunately, something drew their attention away, and they forgot about you. Don’t worry – it’s reversible! Try to re-activate your contacts: take a glimpse at your notes and remind people what they loved about you!




QR Code (16.05 – 15.06): Ninja. Master of camouflage. Masquerade lover and staging pro. You’re a genius at survival games and hare and hounds. Use this ability this month: invite your friends to play scavenger hunt. Prepare some hidden clues and become a dungeon master. They’re all gonna love it!




Dynamic Content (16.06 – 15.07): People born under this sign have the makings of a good shrink. By watching your friends’ behavior and habits, you know what they need at this very moment. To show them a proper business card or sneak a leaflet with McDreamy tour to their backpack – that’s your methods. Keep going that way, and everything will be okay. However, remember that people change and so are their needs. Stay always up-to-date and add new information to your database.



Startup (16.07 – 15.08): There are some new challenges in your life – you’re always one hour late, everything became more than ASAP – the new status is: “it should be done yesterday”, and (peculiarly) no one is surprised. Curioser and curioser: all your colleagues LOVE this fashion and want to work with you even for free. Hire an assistant to survive next months, and you close this year with tremendous success.



Custom Audience (16.08 – 15.09): Lounge Lizard is your power animal. You bloom surrounded by crowds. Event organization is your hobby. You can always define the guest’s profile, so anyone who’s invited feels deeply satisfied and looks forward to the next party. Perfect match: Big data and Buyer Persona.




Big Data (16.09 – 15.10): Tactics and strategy are your domain. You’re good with huge data sets. When supported by analysts and decent software, you can extrapolate very accurate operational picture and predict incoming actions of market opponents. In the next few days, everything should go according to plan, as long as you keep your database neat and get rid of dimming scraps of information.




Web Beacon (16.10 – 15.11): The man of many names who loves to control his surroundings. Your favorite place to act is somewhere in the back, where you can undisturbedly check whether people (friends, acquaintances, and strangers) do what they are supposed to do. Strong points: a sense of observation and conscientiousness. Opportunity: expect a new job offer from an e-store!




Viral (16.11 – 15.12): Despite being an individual and loner, who dictate his own terms of cooperation, you like to let yourself go with a proper company and transform the boring afternoon tea into revelry! When informed about a sensation, you share this information as a real gossip girl and spread it through as many channels as possible. Perfect occupation: anchorman or a bellwether.





Landing Page (16.12 – 15.01): To say you welcome all guests with your arms wide open, is like to say nothing. You’re a good spirit of your company. When you get board working as an office manager, consider opening your own guesthouse!




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