If you are a business person or a marketer, you’re probably interested in the infinite potential of human imagination reflected in new startups. They inspire and show how to think outside the box to solve problems – and which new products and services are needed, which target groups weren’t activated so far, etc. We picked 6 startups so you can meet their awesomeness.


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1. Bicycle Capital

How does it work: Caring about the Earth is our common responsibility. Although when it comes to action, some decisions might occur inconvenient. For example, we prefer to travel by car, because we got used to it. Bogota – originated Bicycle Capital, addresses this problem by easing bicycle renting. It allows companies to lease a bike fleet to promote a healthier lifestyle among their employees.

Why do we like it: Because it fights for a good cause – the company has a mission, and wants our planet to be a better place.

2. Carousell

How does it work: Carousell is a place where you sell, buy, or exchange unnecessary items. Sort of a flea market. You can join multiple groups and communicate with others inside the app.

Why do we like it: Because it solves the very common problem – tons of items which we hoard – in a truly ingenious way.

3. YPlan

How does it work: Pick a city (currently available: London, Bristol, Dublin) and the YPlan app will show you today’s attractions. You can easily find an idea for a spontaneous night out.

Why do we like it: Because it encourages offline exploration of the world!


4. Navdy

How does it work: Car driving on the new, unknown route might be stressful: you jump with your eyes from the smartphone, to GPS, to the windshield. How about combining them? Navdy projector shows you the map and smartphone notifications on the windscreen and thus helps you focus on the road. It’s your own assistant that reacts to vocal communication.

Why do we like it: It’s a tool that increases driving comfort – the map coheres the real-life route.

5. Brigade

How does it work: They say it is a Tinder for voting. The app was developed for millennials, who find it hard to understand modern politics and its media, but still want to talk about important things, but on their terms. Brigade helps them to find a candidate who supports their point of view and explains political entanglement by answering simple questions (Do we need more parks in our neighborhood?).

Why do we like it: Again – we are convinced by cause’s righteousness: convincing young people to be conscious, active citizens.


6. AltSchool

How does it work: It’s a network of alternative micro-schools, with fantastic teachers that helps you to customize your child’s educational program while using the newest technologies. There are no typical classrooms, nor school bell or gym in AltSchool. Schools use the special app instead.

Project’s father, Max Ventilla, used to work for Google, and one of the investors is Facebook founder and CEO – Mark Zuckerberg.

Why do we like it: Today we observe a multitude of educational apps and techs on the one hand, and on the other people look for alternate ways to educate children. AltSchool combines both trends and proposes new education model.


Which one do you like best? Which is most innovative? Or maybe you want to propose your candidate? Share in the comment section!