Hey, Marketer! Do you feel lost among all these theories, trends and marketing techniques? Are you disappointed by the lack of measurable results? Hey, Chief Marketing Officer! Are you tormented by a thought that your protegees are not sure what they are doing and how they should use the tools that costed your company bazillions of dollars? Hey you, CEO! Do you sometimes think that the marketing department covers the lack of skills with newly-invented slogans, while in fact, they are still doing the same mistake all over again?


It’s about time to change it! It’s time for Marketing Automation Revolution!

If you have been in this business for a long time, you know that in the last few years the market experienced some severe, irreversible, and completely inevitable changes. Today’s consumers have evolved into prosumers, and thus the entire shopping paradigm has changed. The interference of online and offline channels combined with the ubiquity of smartphones has left its mark on the way we buy as well as on the set of techniques, tools and communication channels used by marketers.


Whether online or in mobile apps, we generate more and more data. The processing of data itself is not a problem at the current state of technology. The tools that are particularly suitable for this purpose are marketing automation platforms, which not only process data but also allow it to be immediately used in real life to create and automate multi-level and multi-channel marketing processes.


Like any other young technology, marketing automation requires gathering and systematizing knowledge from various sources. In order to avoid certain pitfalls, empty slogans, and mistakes, both veterans who have been using marketing automation platforms for years and newbies just entering the Big Data world need something like a handbook or a practical guide to this world.


And here it is! As a result of more than five years of experience in the marketing automation market combined with the pursuit of new challenges, we proudly present the position created by Greg Błażewicz – CEO and founder of SALESmanago. Marketing Automation Revolution offers not only a reliable list of concepts, theories, and techniques building the core of knowledge about digital marketing and its automation, but also a practical guide, full of examples of use, illustrations of how the system works, and examples of implementations and effects of using the platform.


The book is written for marketers who recognize these challenges and need comprehensive and substantive insight into opportunities offered by new technologies. It is written for all those who are looking for answers to the question of how exactly the gathered data enhances marketing. It will also be useful for people who want to broaden and systematize their knowledge.


Marketing Automation Revolution is the encyclopedia of marketing automation – written by practitioners for practitioners.


Greg Blazewicz’s book is already available on Amazon.

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