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How CDP works as a foundation of your company’s MarTech stack

    As the company matures, its MarTech stack grows more or less complete and it leaves less room for new tools and improvements, not to mention the costs, that grow rapidly. Yet, the CDP market growth estimations show some whooping values, and this fact clearly indicates that even mature companies see the potential in […]

What do consumers really want? 3 ways CDPs can aid Data Privacy

  In 2021, privacy issues will probably dominate marketing practices and customs. Everybody expects its major influence on the data gathering, storing and usage process, and the new regulations are frequent. The eCommerce companies as well as their tech partners brace themselves to meet the consequences of this trend. But is privacy a thing the […]

Death. The ultimate reason to go shopping

  We are used to the notion that the news on plane crashes, war casualties, car crash fatalities or a prospect of imminent demise tend to drive people to a more philosophical mood. They begin to reflect on the fragility of their existence and the futility of all the material aspects of their lives. This […]