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SALESmanago named High Performer in the Enterprise segment in the Marketing Automation category in the latest G2 Crowd Report.

    In the latest G2 report on market leaders, SALESmanago was once more recognized as the leading provider of Marketing Automation software. We are proud and grateful that our customers appreciate our work. Customer satisfaction is the best measure of product quality.   SALESmanago was ranked as the High Performer in the Enterprise segment […]

Delivering personalized product recommendations via web push notifications results in 20% higher revenues than using dynamic 1-to-1 emails.

    We have conducted comprehensive research comparing the impact on revenue generated from different product recommendation types, including 1-to-1 and AI-based algorithms. From the compared recommendation delivery methods, personalized web pushes proved to be the most effective, generating 20% higher revenues than dynamic emails.   The research on the revenue generated by product recommendations […]

3 arguments why you should include WhatsApp Marketing and Viber marketing to your mobile communications strategy

    New Mobile Marketing 2.0 feature in SALESmanago introduces changes that will help you to better engage your customers on mobile. Learn 3 new functions that open up the possibility to use additional communication channels and increase the efficiency of your mobile marketing activities.    Increase click-through-rate of your campaigns thanks to the new […]

60% of Europeans changed their shopping habits permanently due to COVID-19

    The global COVID-19 pandemic has changed our lives both socially and economically. For many Europeans, the sudden closure of stores resulted in the necessity to befriend online shopping. Compared to the previous year, the value of the eCommerce market grew by 12.7%, reaching €717 billion.  What has changed from the e-store’s perspective?   […]

80% of companies improve their lead generation with marketing automation

  Even though there is a variety of lead generation tools on the market, 63% of businesses still see acquiring potential customer’s data as a big marketing challenge.  Learn how using Customer Data Platforms enables companies to get more good quality leads.   Capturing the leads effectively   Regardless of whether you work in B2B […]

Poor ecommerce personalization? Don’t risk losing 38% of customers!

    Providing ecommerce services is not easy – being consistent and delivering effective cross-channel communication to your customers? It can be and it’s totally worth it. Implementing personalization in your marketing strategy is the key to increase your profits by at least 15%.   What’s the matter with this personalization?    Basically, ecommerce personalization […]