Many companies are thinking at this very moment about purchasing easy to use tools that not would destroy the annual marketing budget in the first place. On Datanyze you can find an enormous number of great softwares that are made to satisfy the specific needs of any niche.



This is the main reason why leading marketing automation companies pay so much attention to develop all in one solutions and grant access to really powerful sales machines.

Everyone in the SaaS business can easily recognize crucial aspects of the biggest players in this league. But as always, the devil is in the details. Find out why it is not necessary to invest in expensive tools and support that come from outside of Europe.

We choose 5 significant differences in Partnership Programs between corporations from the United States and the European Market Leader.


1. Average commission level on 20% vs 50%


Yes, it might be ridiculous but it is true. SALESmanago Partnership Program has an average commission on a level of 50%. Moreover, the vast majority of our strategic partners earn 65% lifetime commission. And trust us that business agreement brings great outcome to a company development.


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In the US companies Reselling Program, you will earn only ⅕ of every deal you bring to the Vendor. With a cost of support, consulting and additional services that might be an outcome barely profitable. It strangely resembles working on an unpaid university internship, where the only benefit is the logo of the big brand that you can add to your business resume.


2. Add-on services potential


The main difference here is based on the enormous interest in a niche industry of marketing automation in Europe we are witnessing. Due to the cultural differences between the European and American way of thinking about marketing automation, the American corporations fail to catch the European nuances.


A couple years ago when we were at the starting point with Partnership Program, the European market looked very different than it does today. For agencies from Spain, United Kingdom, and Italy the main source of income was only offering services and battling for customers’ attention on their own.


Once we seized the opportunity to gain knowledge from the cases of different markets and industries, we knew that the network of partners will play a huge role in the SALESmanago growth and it is just the matter of time. Every testimonial of that mindset change is the greatest reward for us. It is really tough to measure where SALESmanago brand would have been if we hadn’t got so much trust from the European Partners.


3. The characteristics of the market


If you study cases of European brands in the past 10 years you will see clearly how hard it is to convince American customers to our products and services. And in B2B it works in both ways. Corporation from the US still believes that marketing message is universal. But it is not. When you see a video content made in the US go viral in Europe it is the mixture of stereotypes with pop cultural bullshit treatment.


We are not sure if we are more exhausted with another stuffed brand hero or infantile commercials in bad taste. This is the main reason why we do not copy the American competitors, and we are not planning to portray the great mathematician and astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus as a funny old man with a weird accent.


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4. Co-marketing and brand awareness


We have no idea how much big American players spent on marketing and word of mouth activities, but it is not a couple of bucks. Just watch these commercials on YouTube, that resemble trailers of the newest hits on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime. Great creative agency. Congratulations.


But if you weren’t born yesterday, you think about Return on Investment and would rather believe an Excel sheet with new customers revenue than a Luxury Car Brand  CMO praising the system features on TV.


We still have this money respect type of thinking, like start-ups with the first successes abroad. So when you hear about SALESmanago probably you spoke with your business partner, that have showed you how million euro annual revenue in Partnership Program really looks like. And how easier he or she runs business with our co-marketing actions.


5. Price of implementation


Last but not least. The fifth difference is that the American brands’ logotypes in the Partner section cost a lot of money. That may not make a bad impression for European corporations but when we talk about the rest of the market, it is a key parameter to make a decision about cooperation.


If you calculate the total cost of implementation, support and an extra consulting package, you may find out that it’s an investment for a few and it doesn’t guarantee a success story power speech on a business breakfast in the heart of the Hilton’s spot in your city.


To be fair, we appreciate that HubSpot, SalesForce and companies alike try so much to become known on the European market. Competition for customer attention is the main source of innovations. We just can’t wait for this moment when corporations like them show that they really understand basic facts about Old Continent’s business characteristic.  


We know pain points and breakpoints of European brands and know how to start from the bottom like in the song of the rap star Drake. And now we are here. The fastest growing European marketing automation platform. And it is not even close to the final round.