How not to lose these customers who had unsubscribed from your newsletter?

Man with tape over his mouthWhat to do in a situation when the customer will reject your perfect newsletters consciously? You’ve already lost time and money on, so if you don’t want to reclaim your customers, just let it go. However, if you decide to analyze this phenomenon, maybe start with yourself?

Start with answering these questions: do not you send too many messages? Do not they look the same every time? Is replacing one picture of the pinnacle of your possibilities? Or maybe they are just boring?
If you answer ‘yes’ to one of the questions — you should get better!

But what to do with those who unsubscribe even if you try so hard?
We have prepared a few practical tips that will keep you in constant communication with the client.
We’ve prepared a few practical tips for you that will keep you in constant communication with the client.
Man with tape over his mouth

Use other communication channels and show that it is worth being in touch with you.

You can reach people who unsubscribed from your mailing list using other communication channels. Does Omnichannel Marketing tell you anything?
We have prepared a great ebook about this
In short – you can, for example, send your customer a personalized rebate via SMS or Rich Web Push with attractive graphic elements. Show that you care about your customers.

An interesting fact about these contact paths is that SMS or Web Push notifications have much higher OR than email marketing, especially Web Push, where OR is always 100% because all delivered messages are open.
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Use Social Media

Currently, 1.5 billion people use Facebook every day. The marketing potential is huge and it would be worth using. The easiest way to write your contacts will be by creating a Custom Audience. The mechanism of operation of this functionality consists of matching e-mail addresses or phone numbers of Facebook users to those in the SALESmanago database and displaying only for them the created ad.
You can easily personalize your ads by targeting content only to people who have already been in Custome Audience.
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Create personalized banners on your website

This is another way to display content only for a specific group of recipients. People who unsubscribe your newsletter can also be segmented and targeted more accurately. Precise targeting is the key to success here. It makes the client feel that he receives special offers prepared especially for him.
We divide banners into two groups – static and dynamic. Both are suitable for marketing communication with the customer. In dynamic banners, you can present products viewed recently by the customer, or products left in the basket. In static banners, you can put a discount, or, for example, free delivery if your customer returns to the mailing list.
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Implement dynamic pop-ups

We can encode for you a dynamic pop-up which will display content only for people who unsubscribe. The message placed in it may sound e.g. “We miss you” or it can inform about the rebate code after re-joining the mailing list.
The possibilities are endless.
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Double opt-out unsubscription form

Subscribers will be leaving, that’s the way things are. People change hobbies, change email addresses. Do not break down if you cannot stop them, but learn from your own mistakes. Make sure that the subscription form is attractive to the client. Put in it a question about the reason for leaving so that the client will feel heard and you will be able to use this knowledge in the future. It is also worth suggesting an alternative for unsubscribing, which means less frequent emails, e.g. once a week, thanks to which the email communication channel will not be closed.
It is very important to monitor the number of people unsubscribing, especially when a single campaign results in a larger number of people resigning from a subscription. Begin with specifying the standard number of subscribers in one campaign and compare it constantly with new data.
We hope that we have helped you to realize that a resignation from receiving newsletters is not the end of the world because there are many other communication channels. Take care of your clients by providing them interesting, attractive content, and certainly, they will not run away;)

Thank you for your time!