In 2009 Aleksander Ovechkin, owner of two marketing agencies, decided to buy a strip club. There were thousands of places like this in Moscow these days, and the majority of them was somehow connected with houses of ill fame. Aleksander’s idea’s innovation laid in using B2B and B2C marketing tools – a complete novelty in this sector.

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Strip-club as a Lean Start-Up

Lead generation system, landing pages and A/B testing – those are only 3 of implemented solutions. After leaving an email address and phone number, customer obtained a discount to show at the entrance (monitoring of different marketing channels efficiency), and then he received picture from the party. During the first visit, every client was given a “membership” card – to monitor his spendings. They even wrote the whole new CRM!

After collecting a discount, a customer receives a phone call from salespeople, and then he becomes included into a cycle of 40 emails: every following message has a picture of a lady with less and less clothes on. Those messages are rather trivia-style than sales per se. The club is bursting at the seams! The secret of their success? Using Big Data, HADI cycles to be specific – Lean Analytics methodology.

What HADI cycles are?

HADI cycle is a practical way to use data that might be applied to any business area : marketing, product’s shape, price, distribution model, design, etc.

How does it work?

Hypothesis first, then Action – according to it, Data collection, and interpretation leading to the Insight.

Example of HADI cycle usage

Example of HADI cycle usage



How does it solve your problems? You have some idea, a vision, you can overthink it into infinity, or you can implement it, pick the indicator that will help you measure its efficacy, collect data and draw conclusions. In other words, you learn from your mistakes.

You replace the divagations with user feedback. Measure costs, and every action’s efficiency by bringing all business aspects to measurable results and numbers.

Why should I use HADI cycles?

Many organizations, especially young ones, speculate too much. They improve their products over and over again and postpone the moment of truth – confrontation with the market. The only way to verify the product is the life itself: showing the result to the real audience. The HADI method is made to help companies in organizing test results and gaining insights.

Against the vanity metrics

Today we can measure anything. But does it liberate us? We rather drown in the sea of data and can’t tell relevant information from the meaningless one. This plentitude makes us unable to focus on the key metrics –  we lose our time and energy on tracking irrelevant merits and spread ourselves too thin.