Today, I’d like to make a quick summary of changes in the system introduced in October. Some of them are small things like refreshing a dashboard view, some are game-changing like adding a completely new set of conditions to a workflow builder. Here’s what happened in SALESmanago last month.



Workflow Wizard is a very useful tool. It allows you to create complex automation processes from the ready-made components. Its graphical form provides a high level of control over the whole process.

A full guide to the Workflow Wizard is already on the blog. Here, I recall the table of events, actions and conditions available in the wizard.

New login screen

Last month we refreshed a bit the login screen. Next to the well-known form, we’ve added an up-to-date list of useful links. You will find there news on the system updates, important events and interesting blog posts.

New product widgets in the email drag & drop designer

We’ve already mentioned about our creator, that completly redefines email marketing some time ago.

This extremely simple but powerful tool allows you to create professional-looking messages and templates in 5 minutes:

The latest additions to the list of available widgets are product frames. Now you can add fields to display selected products with just one click, and then customize their look according to your needs.



New contact list

We have completely refreshed the CRM contact list view. New features include the date of last modification and activity. The look of the list is now matched to the modern look of the whole system.