We get attached to our devices, and that’s a fact you can’t ignore. A few years ago, the very interesting trend appeared: BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). Shortly speaking, it means that employers allow their employees to bring devices they like to work at to the office. Despite some security concerns, BYOD became a widely used working style, not just a fad. Even now I’m looking at my colleague working on his Mac, which he prefers over company’s PCs. I have my business email inbox configurated on my smartphone, and we are not the separate cases here in SALESmanago. In some regions of the globe the number of private devices in corporate networks outstrips 80%!


The BYOD trend isn’t the only reason we launched our new SALESmanago app. We believe that the efficient salesperson or marketer needs the data access at every moment. Although the SALESmanago platform might be accessed via smartphone or tablet, the narrow screen of the mobile device might not be the most convenient way to navigate a full marketing automation platform. So we took the most frequently used features and put them into an elegant and fast mobile application. Let’s see how it looks!


Your favorite features within a thumb’s reach On every business trip you need a handy kit with some necessary items. Why not translate it to the software language? Our new app puts a CRM and email marketing dashboard into your pocket, so you can access important data regardless of your location. What’s important is that the app is complementary to a full SALESmanago platform, not an independent product.

What does it mean to you? First of all – you can access the data from a desktop CRM without the import/export fuss. After logging in you’ll see all your leads with their details such as scoring, contact data or tags immediately. Secondly, the app is not a website squeezed to the smartphone size, but a separate organism, suited to the mobile environment – it is viewable, thumb-reachable and fast.



Onboarding Because the app is addressed to our customers who already know the system’s navigation, and it’s designed to be a pocket version of the platform it doesn’t require an elaborate onboarding section. After the download, you just log in with your SALESmanago email and password, and you’re ready to start using the system. After launch you’ll see the main dashboard with global analytics, the CRM dashboard, where you can find the contact you require at the moment, and the email marketing dashboard to check the statistics of sent messages. To navigate amid the dashboards, you just swipe between screens and tap the interesting details or sections. At the bottom of the screen, there are three icons to switch the features: Main Dashboard, CRM, and Email Marketing.



Aesthetics The app is neat and pleasant to look upon. It doesn’t overwhelm its users with a hypnotizing kaleidoscope of icons and CtAs. Shades of calming green with clean white background dominate the palette. Same as the navigation, the look is simple and zen-like. The creators bet on the utility and transparency.



App’s features  As it was mentioned above, for now, the app serves mostly as the pocket CRM and email marketing engine. It allows for checking details and tags on contact’s card. Also, it provides the user with email marketing analytics. However, the developers didn’t say their final word yet.



Ease of use The app is pretty intuitive and easy to navigate through. For all those who tried SALESmanago platform earlier, it will be easy-peasy to learn how to use it during the lunch break.



Complexity Despite its simplicity, SALESmanago app is a fully functional tool. It lets you for contact information and email marketing analysis checking from the app’s level.



Language Polish and English

Price Free

Last thoughts It’s not even the final form of the app. We plan to add some practical features in the nearest future. Stay tuned!

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