salesmanago-4screens-logoSALESmanago and Engageform integration allows users to generate leads in a new way. It’s easy and intuitive to connect these platforms. Prospects gained through quizzes, polls, surveys, and assessments are directly transferred to SALESmanago account. Viewers’ answers can be used in tagging or to customer profiling.


According to Adweek, quizzes and polls are the most shared content type on Facebook in 2015 and significant trend in 2016. Interactive content is popular because of overwhelming amounts of passive content, needs of interactions between publishers and readers and shareable forms. Interactive content is not only a great entertainer but also efficient leads and self-declared data grabber.

Interactive content is easy in distribution. Embed code from Engageform can be implemented into the website code. Enrich your website and blog with quizzes, polls, assessments, or surveys. You can also add interactive content to your landing pages. As it was said before, social media are cut out for quizzes and polls deployment and can be added to the company Facebook page. Follow this guidebook and learn how to implement interactive content into Facebook Instant Articles.

How to create interactive content

Thanks to Engageform you can easily and effortlessly create preferred interactive content: quizzes, polls, assessments, surveys. No coding or designer skills are required. Choose the name of the form – it should be catchy and engaging. Create a few questions. Make a use of available opportunities and select different question types – multiple choice, picture choice, rating, open forms. Match the question types to the target group, topic, and business objectives.


How to generate leads

Gain leads through email leaving forms in your interactive content. Take care of extra value proposition. Your audience needs something valuable in exchange for they contact info. Try out with discounts, special offers, club memberships or additional content. Remember that you can’t be intrusive. Make your viewers feel comfortable. When asking about contact details take into consideration these few takeaways:

  • Your request should be related to the general subject of the particular example;
  • Viewers should feel winners when sharing their emails;
  • Participants want to be entertained and/or educated – you have to grab their attention and sustain engagement, good quality content is a must before you ask about email;
  • Try to add email question in the right place – after all queries and before outcome or thank you page.

Thanks to interactive content your leads profiles and tagging can be enriched with self-declared data.

Progressive profiling and new tagging opportunities

Interactive content allows connecting with the audience in a new way. Prospects needs and preferences are no longer a secret to you by dint of well-chosen questions. Endless possibilities of Engageform creation platform help you with better understanding your potential clients. People are more likely to share their thoughts than we think. But they need favorable circumstances. They prefer to answer questions in quizzes or polls instead of custom forms.

An important part of integration (check this guidebook) is the field mapping. This one with SALESmanago is well-developed and can be done in many ways. Make sure that your quiz or poll contains email (or any other contact data) form. Then map contact from the Engageform with the SALESmanago field. Other answers can be turned into SALESmanago tags or appear in Custom details when using Extended Variable.

Using Extended Variable allows you to boost Custom details in your SALESmanago CRM. It’s a subsidiary tool for better profiling. Data can be obtained in different ways and helps with better understanding audience needs and preferences. Your marketing communications become more personal, and your offers are made-to-measure.


Selecting SALESmanago Tags when mapping fields automatically transform Engageform answers into tags. With this feature, you can build deepen email lists, more efficient segmentations and humanize entire communications. Your competitive advantage comes down to accurate offers. Your prospects will receive proposals which take into account their needs, preferences, and taste. They will be grateful for not spamming them.

New quality of the lead nurturing

SALESmanago enriched with a useful tool to generate leads, and self-declared data is a new quality in marketing automation. Lead nurturing needs to be improved because of the instant evolution of customer buying behavior. Connecting complementary platforms which allow conducting business communications in one place is a huge step for making marketing more consistent and well-managed.

Marketing automation is known as the most wanted solution for modern marketers. Despite all that benefits, MA systems have to overcome some difficulties. People don’t like stuffy and schematic messages. They are aware that marketers are able to collect data and information about their activities. In exchange, they want personalized, compelling messages. It’s time-saving solution for both sides.