Are sure you get the right ROI from investment in your marketing? With recently introduced in SALESmanago brand new fully configurable analytical dashboards you will finally get the answer. The dashboards are fully configurable and will enable you to build personalized datasets for you CEO, sales manager or your marketing team.


Personalized dashboards: all necessary information at hand

To bring you closer to the understanding of the whole idea we have preconfigured two dashboards. After logging in to SALESmanago Marketing Automation apart from the main dashboard you’ll see two new dashboards: one with marketing data, and another one with sales data.

But of course you can also create your own personalized dashboards, choosing between dozens of available data and statistic visualizations. In total, there are more than 1000 variations of data configuration! You can freely pick the most important indicators showing the results of your campaigns and sales efforts.

You can configure up to five personalized dashboards with all the data and statistics essential in your work. To each dashboard you can add all the necessary elements that can be picked from the widget library and arranged freely on the screen by dragging and dropping or changing the size, according to preferences. It’s even possible to modify the colors of the widgets, for example, to highlight the most important data, or to group similar elements in sections of the same color. In regard to charts, you can choose the preferred form of data visualization, whether it’s a line or a bar chart.


Advanced marketing and sales analytics to grow your business

What kind of data exactly you can choose to appear on the dashboards? We made sure that you’ll find all the analytics in the widget library that are fundamental when it comes to running digital marketing campaigns and selling online, regarding three key areas:

  • contact base analytics: widgets from this section provide information about the condition of your contact base with statistics such as the contact base growth or the number of opt-outs. This kind of information helps you monitor any changes in your database, which is extremely useful to detect abnormalities quickly and take actions. For example, if the number of opt-outs has risen, maybe it means the recipients don’t like the content you send and you should work on it, or it will be better to send emails less frequently, etc.

  • email marketing analytics: there you’ll find widgets with the extensive scope of data regarding the emails you sent in addition to the automatic emails sent from automation rules and workflows set up in the system. Find out how many emails were sent in the specified time range and verify the effectiveness (i.e. the average CTOR), immediately after you log in the system, without having to check it in the separate email analytics panel in the system.

  • transactional analytics: all the essential information you need to stay up to date with the transactions in your online store. Control your business and revenue with the analytics of the number and value of transactions in the chosen time range. You can even check the correlation between the pageviews and the number of transactions. With the data showing the value of recovered carts you also get an insight into the effectiveness of your abandoned carts recovery strategies and see the revenue that the SALESmanago features bring to your business.



Towards a data-driven business

Why you should use our new dashboards? We encourage you to think about it as taking a step forward towards a more metrics-driven business, fueled by data, where every area can be measured, quantified, analyzed and optimized. Along with the numerous advanced analytical dashboards that you can find in SALESmanago, the new main dashboards provide you with a solid base of real numbers to make the right both everyday and long-term business decisions. The data-driven mindset is the only way to truly take advantage of the vast amounts of information that are available nowadays to businesses of every kind, and when collected and interpreted correctly (using a tool like for example the SALESmanago platform), are a great source of valuable insights. Results? A better performing organization that thrives.

SALESmanago is here for you to support you with the transition of your company into a data-driven mindset and to help you benefit from the data you collect. Our new features such as the fully personalizable analytical dashboards are the perfect tool for this approach where efficient work with data is extremely important.