Love is in the air

Everywhere I look around

Love is in the air

Every sight and every sound

And I don’t know if I’m being foolish

Don’t know if I’m being wise

But it’s something that I must believe in

And it’s there when I look in your eyes




No wasted preliminaries. Here’s our Valentine’s post. Play the music and learn how to survive St. Valentine’s day… and keep your sanity.


  1. Find a date


Tinder Dating app, where you choose a partner(s) by swiping a photo (does someone read the description?). You set the date and become a real Tinderella.


Plenty of fish As the name suggests, this app is full of fish. I mean dating profiles. It has more than 55 million users from all around the world. Pick some interesting person, send a message and schedule for the evening.


Love test calculator Before you will plan the wedding ceremony, a couple of kids, golden retriever and a fish tank, check your couple’s compatibility. Fill the required fields and click to see the result.


  1. Find more time


SALESmanago & APPmanago It would be a long day, full of newsletters and inactive users tracking unless you delegate some tasks to a smart system. SALESmanago offers full stack of automated solutions for marketing teams like email marketing, live chat, website personalization, anonymous marketing, mobile marketing. Integrated with APPmanago will create  a combination of  traditional desktop based automation with smartphone based mobile marketing automation. Test SALESmanago and APPmanago for 30 days for free.

If by IFTTT Multitasking organizer. It automatizes user’s Internet tasks. Allows you to integrate your favorite apps, and simplifies the data exchange. With “Recipes” you can set the actions like mute/unmute the device at the particular location, publish your posts in social media, or even text your roomie when you are heading home. It can serve as the organizer, shopping aid or the news tracking tool. It helps to save some time on everyday actions. Android and iOS version.


  1. Make a good impression


La~la messenger Replace boring „Happy Valentine’s day!” with the all-singing, colorful personalized card! Create the unique content for your S.O. and then schedule it with IF 😉


Dubsmash Maybe you’d prefer to confess your love using Leonard Cohen’s voice? Dubsmash is a fantastic tool for dubbing user’s short films with movie and song quotes.


Pinterest Internet’s treasury full of inspiration and gift ideas. Type DIY Valentine’s gift and browse for thousands of creative ideas for something significant and meaningful to the important person.


Print Studio You have your gift ready, and you are looking for a heart-catching card? What can be better than you and your S.O.’s Instagram photo, that hit 500 likes? Print Studio is the best way to print smartphone and Instagram pictures.


  1. Wine and Dine (and also movies)


Hello vino Cabernet or Syrah? Maybe Pinot Grigio? Goodbye disgrace! You’ll never pick the sweet Madeira to accompany the delicate flounder again. Hello vine will solve this problem for you. You can pick the wine perfect for the meal, occasion or taste.


Flixster Serch a title, check Rotten Tomatoes review, decide whether you’ll watch it in movies, or at home via Netflix. Buy a ticket and enjoy. Android and iOS version.


  1. Get in the mood


Spotify What kind of music gives you romantic chills? Will it be Carlos Santana’s guitar riffs, energetic and sexy Ziggy Stardust or The King of atmosphere, Barry White himself? Compose your special playlist for a little rendezvous. Android and iOS version.


iKamasutra Stop the boredom in the bedroom (on the bed, on the floor, on the towel, by the door…) Find infinite inspiration, create to-do’s lists and track your progress with iKamasutra. Android and iOS version.


BONUS: When all else fails


8,500+ Drink Recipes Free Invite your friends for a board game or movie night. This app will provide you with many ideas of drinks. The search engine works with drink’s name or ingredients. Android and iOSversion.


Twitch Forget the Valentine’s Day. Hole yourself at home, where no one can find you. Watch the newest eSport event.With Twitch, you can follow tournaments of games like League of Legends or Call of Duty. The app allows watching live and recorded games, and chat with players.


Tinder If you still have some hope, re-launch Tinder and start all over again.