SALESmanago’s   September was sponsored by inspiring meetings and exotic conquests. Moreover, our platform got a few upgrades and new features. Here are some highlights of the September in SALESmanago.


Marketing MeetUp

September 13th was the day of the Marketing MeetUp!

Our MeetUps are the series of hosted by SALESmanago events organized for people who want to widen their networks, talk about marketing and listen to profs about the newest trends!


During this edition, we had the great pleasure to invite two excellent speakers:

Rafał Wysocki – Legal Adviser

Rafał told us about what will change after the implementation of the new EU Data Protection Act – RODO. He explained in a few words how the new rules will affect the work of marketers and how to avoid the “bumps on the road” associated with this change.


Krzysztof Marzec – CEO Deva Group.

Google Analytics tool expert, shared with us the latest and most interesting solutions offered by Google Analytics.

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SALESmanago User Group

An inspirational meeting about the planned innovations and the company’s future for the SALESmanago users who want to learn more how to use the most advanced system functions in the best possible way.

Discussed topics:

– company’s development plans and its position in the market

– new features to be introduced in 2017 & 2018

– new functionalities based on user experience

– customer testimonials and success stories

– solutions worth the attention


The vital part of the meeting was, of course, the Q&A panel. All attendants were given the opportunity to talk with the speakers and ask them any questions about SALESmanago.

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New in SALESmanago

During the last month, we introduced some new features on our platform. The most important are:

The only Live Chat for Ecommerce

The new look of the sales funnels

Moreover, we added some upgrades to the user experience:

Top Features

For all those who recently started their adventure with our platform, we designed an interactive, extended tooltip – a sort of a tutorial on how to start your work with SALESmanago:

New Dashboard

While listing new features, I can not ignore one of the nicer elements of recent changes: the completely refreshed view of the main SALESmanago dashboard:

New view of email accounts

A refreshed and clear view of email accounts will facilitate management of your email sender list and their settings.


Latin America is a region quite young in the application of this technology. In practically the whole region we begin to see a discreet introduction of these technologies, especially in the sector of small-medium firms where step-by-step they begin to introduce it as an integral part of their strategies. In the same way, this tool continues to evolve at an impressive pace integrating technologies such as artificial intelligence and advanced learning systems.

SALESmanago, recognized as one of the best Marketing Automation platforms in the world and specialized in eCommerce solutions, has created an efficient and solid strategy with their partners who have been able to promote this technology and have led it to companies of different sizes throughout the region together with thousands of customers. As a result, it has become a real tool to solve the big challenges of marketing and eCommerce that every company is facing in the region, in order to be much more competitive, increase their sales and get the enough knowledge to understand the market and their audiences.

A proof of this was on August 31 in Colombia. Our partner Bendita Essence was part of the organization of one of the key events in the region. It was the 2nd Forum of Customer Relationship and Relational Marketing 2017, where space was created to dialogue and expose strategies focused on data, communications, and marketing that involves all areas of organizations. Dozens of marketing experts gathered at the CUR of COMPENSAR place in Bogotá, where attendees received 14 world-class conference tools, and at the same time 14 opportunities to put into practice what was analyzed with the main focus of developing effective marketing that propitiates profitable customers. During this highly relevant event, SALESmanago was present at the hand of Bendita Essence, had a key space to expose the Marketing Automation platform, which was attended by hundreds of viewers, who had direct access to the characteristics that the system offers B2C, B2B and eCommerce companies with real-time demos opportunities and explanations from their specialized personnel operation.