It’s not a secret, that 80% of SALESmanago users are from Ecommerce & Online Stores. Every now and then we like to launch a gem designed to fit perfectly their needs. Our newest feature – Live Chat is designed especially for Ecommerce & Online Stores.

Live Chats have become the Ecommerce revelation of the past few months. There are plenty of them on the market. They have a lot in common. In fact, all of them provide basic ways of communication between the company and the customer and that’s pretty much all they can do. SALESmanago Live Chat does that as well. However, we enhanced it a bit with some other SALESmanago features to take this communication to the next level.

I’m only testing the tool, but I can already say: it is brilliant that I don’t have to ask IT professionals to implement Live Chat. Its configuration is a child’s play – If you have SALESmanago’s tracking code on your website, creating and launching the chat takes literally 3-5 minutes. The second important advantage is a fact that while talking to a client I can see his full profile, so I know what he may be interested in, what to offer him. Therfore, we show the customer that we know him and his previous contacts with the company in a far more professional way. I still need to learn the mechanism of the progressive forms. I’ve scheduled it for incoming week. Kamila Górecka-Kirwiel, PRo Communication |

What did we do to distinguish SALESmanago Live Chat from other similar products (and outshine them all)?


  • Complete behavioral and transactional profile of the customer available to the consultant during the conversation– all the better to understand the customer with. Same as in real life – the conversations tend to be less bland and shallow if we know a thing or two about the person we are talking to. Consultants can go straight to the point and be of a better quality assistance once they are shown the transactional and behavioral log of a given person’s relationship with a brand they represent.


  • Ready-made, personalized product recommendations that can be sent with one click during the conversation – all the better to serve your customer with. It’s the major shift – from now on any consultant can shorten the theoretical discussion, and deliver a valuable recommendation instead. How do we know it’s valuable? The recommendations on our Live Chat are powered by SALESmanago Copernicus – Machine Learning & AI Algorithms and based on last viewed and purchased products.


  • Progressive profiling of the customer during Live Chat sessions – all the better to get to know your customers with. Progressive profiling gradually provides you with all the precious insights and data about your customers and prospects without being too pushy. Remember: putting too many fields on the form can decrease lead conversions. Dynamic contact forms allow you to collect only the lacking details, therefore you won’t ask for the phone number twice.


  • SALESmanago Sales Bot for faster customer service and saving time of the consultants – bots are perfect employees when it comes to performing repeatable tasks, answering standard questions and giving product recommendations. So why should you waste your consultants’ time when they can help resolve bigger issues? SALESmango Live Chat is compatible with our other conversation tool – Intelligent Sales Bot integrated additionally with Facebook Messenger.


  • Quick searching for products the customer is asking for and delivering them by the consultant in real time during the conversation – after all it’s all about the time you can save for both client and consultant. A bot will do all the work: search through the product catalog, find the products that match contact’s interests and automatically display them in the chat window.


  • Triggering marketing automation strategies in other channels (email, website, mobile, ad networks) depending on what’s happening during the chat – Live Chat is an integral part of the whole marketing automation platform where all channels create an ecosystem, a living set for your marketing actions. The information obtained during the chat can obviously trigger other marketing actions in other channels. For example, the system will segment your customers, send emails with other recommended products, display web push messages, send text messages with discount codes. And if the customer is not ready to make a purchase, the platform will launch lead nurturing programs.


  • Providing full analytics of your Live Chat performance, including consultants’ response times and conversions – data not utilized is data wasted. All the available analytical dashboards (Lead Generation, Campaign, and Lead Routing Analytics) allow you to compare the Live Chat to the other sources of contacts acquisition available on your site. Make it an integral part of your marketing and sales campaign, and respond directly to both positive and negative trends.

Setup & Usage

Setting up the Live Chat takes only a couple of minutes and is extremely easy thanks to our Live Chat wizard.

  • Live Chat code is incorporated in the standard SALESmanago code that you implement on your website to monitor your customers.
  • Unlimited number of the chat conversations at the same time
  • Option of leaving a message by a customer if your consultants are not available at the moment
  • Sales Bot that will automatically build communication with the customer and recommend the products
  • Individual parameters of Live Chat on different pages of your website
  • Immediate, personalized product recommendations

>>Full guide: Live Chat implementation

How can I customize the Live Chat button?

You can customize your Chat even more. You just have to replace the default button with the one that corresponds to your company’s visual identification! This relatively simple task makes incorporating a Chat button onto your website architecture a piece of cake. To hide a button of SALESmanago Live Chat on your website mark the option “hide button” on the first stage of adding a new chat:

Then you can add a button of your choice with the Javascript. You just have to copy-paste this script anywhere in the body section of your website code:
window.smLiveChatAfterInitCallback = function() {
    var btn = document.createElement(“button“);
    var t = document.createTextNode(“CLICK ME”);
    btn.onclick = function(){
Red elements are responsible for creating the button. you can adjust it to your needs.
Blue elements are responsible for displaying the chat window. The smLiveChat.toggleChat() method; after launching it opens the chat if it is closed and closes it if it is open.

Business Benefits

  • Both customer service and sales channel
  • Time-saving optimization of consultants’ performance
  • Almost immediate access to all the information about the customer with whom your consultant is chatting
  • Extended possibilities of acquiring new data about the customer via Progressive Profiling tool

How can I buy the SALESmanago Live Chat for Ecommerce?

Live Chat is available both as a part of all standard  SALESmanago pricing plans and as a single feature in our AppStore.

Where can I try Live Chat for free?

Take the Live Chata for a 30-day test drive and see all the benefits that it will bring to your ecommerce!