Implementation of dynamic emails increases Open Rate and Click Through Rate and is beneficial for your business.

Dynamic emails are a hot topic – a lot has been said about them. The effectiveness of dynamic content has been proved by various research and statistics. But is it the case that everything confirmed in theory works well in practice? This post is dedicated to the practical usage of dynamic emails. Based on the data taken from one of the SALESmanago clients, I will show you, what are the results of dynamic email implementation.




For the very beginning – a quick reminder:

What is the definition of dynamic emails?


Dynamic email is an innovative and technologically advanced feature of SALESmanago system. The message is generated individually to a specific receiver using the behavioral and transactional data from the system. Thanks to that, customers receive fully personalized content that fits the individual needs. It could be an email with the recently viewed products, products added to cart (abandoned cart) or recommended products.

   The goals set by the client:

– to keep the potential clients and to encourage them to return to the website

to encourage clients to finalize the transactions – recovering the abandoned cart

– to personalize the content sent to the clients and to show the products that can interest them – increasing Open Rate

They wanted to accomplish the above goals by implementing dynamic emails after a visit and with products from the abandoned cart. Did they make it? See the statistics below:


Email after a visit:

The client focused mainly on two most important product categories – jewellery and watches. The clients’ visits were measured within those URL addresses.

The email was sent when the following objectives were met :

– the event CART – did not happen within the last 8 hours

– the event PURCHASE – did not happen within the last 3 hours


Determining those objectives prevented sending messages with recommendation of those products, that were already purchased or added to cart. In that case a message with the products from the abandoned cart was sent.


December 2017

Emails sent – 1167

The comparison of emails sent to emails opened:

The first month brought awesome effects. You can see from the comparison, that more than a half of the messages were opened and the CTR was almost 8 times higher than average.



Email with the products from the abandoned cart

The client introduced this solution with the purpose to recover the abandoned carts.

The personalized message with the products added to cart but not purchased, was sent to those who:

– left the products in the cart but did not buy them within 3 hours from the visit

– did not add any new products to cart within the last 8 hours


December 2017

Emails sent – 264

The comparison of emails sent to emails opened:

Recovering the abandoned carts goes quite well. Almost half of the emails were opened and the average CTR was 20.3%, which means that for 264 messages sent, 54 people clicked the link in the email.


To have a clearer picture, let’s see the statistics from the current quarter:



Are the results satisfying?


Let’s compare our results with the average mailing statistics. This information can be taken from Smart Insights report published in 2017 comparing the average OR and CTR of the small and medium businesses from various industries.

Their analysis shows that across all industries the average results for UK SMB email marketing campaigns were:

  • Open rate: 24.79%
  • Click-through rate: 4.19%


Comparing the average results of the email marketing campaigns with the SALESmanago client, we can easily claim that implementing the dynamic emails works very well.


  • email personalization increases  OR by 100% and  CTR by 600%
  • personalized emails are more likely to be opened as even the title and subject of the message call to action
  • thanks to the advanced Marketing Automation system you can track the customers’ reactions and behaviour. This knowledge can be used not only to monitor the openinigs and clicks but also to create personalized campaigns based on each user’s reactions.
  • there is an increase in the clients returning to the website and purchasing the products that they previously added to cart 
  •  thanks to the Marketing Automation platform you can adjust the email delivery to the highest users’ activity and increase OR even for 187%



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