Synergy is not only an irritating marketing buzzword. It is also an effect that occurs when the sum of some actions (or things) working together is greater than the total effect of them working separately. Once in a few years a company looks back at its actions, makes the math and finds an epiphany – by observing the overall trend of customers’ behavior, by testing multiple scenarios and drawing the conclusions. That’s how the revolutions start!



5 years ago, when SALESmanago Marketing Automation was introduced to the world, the widely repeated phrase “More and more B2C marketers are adopting B2B strategies” was also forged and promoted by some well-known marketing automation giants (and repeated with the mouths of experts).
Against the numbers, we’ve decided not to believe that statement blindly, but to test the market on our own. After those 5 years, 80% of our customers are B2C companies. This is the main reason we started to develop a set of features focused on the entirely different approach to marketing automation process management and automation rules based on dynamic customer segmentation.

Don’t get us wrong – techniques used by B2B businesses are still very powerful, and they do work. They can even be adapted and applied by B2C companies and bring them some tangible results. However, selling the B2C specialists exactly the same software as to B2B clients, and explaining it’s good for them is not the best solution. The purchase process for B2B is completely different than the B2C one! The first is rather linear and structured – you don’t need another Einstein to predict what the next step will be. On the other hand, In B2C people run back and forth, to and from the purchase act. They use multiple channels to find the best deal; they check similar products, well, they even have three different “moments of truth” for each purchase! Well – applying the same solution to the linear process and the tangled, multi-dimensional structure would be at least not smart.

The complex problems require the complex solutions. That’s why we proposed the traditional approach to be redesigned. We took the best solutions on the market, added a little bit of SALESmanago know-how, and there you have it – the marketing synergy at its finest! We are ready to teach you the Customer Value Marketing.