Three emails reminding about an abandoned shopping cart increase the number of purchases by 69%, compared to just one email. With Marketing Automation, marketers are able to recover up to 5.45% of lost transactions. 


Only a third of customers complete the transaction


Research shows that abandoned baskets are a huge problem for marketers – only a third of the customers who started the purchasing process complete the transaction. 


The best way to get some of them back, according to Onminsend’s research, is to send three emails reminding them about an abandoned cart, which results in a 69% increase in the order compared to one email. 


Emails are effective when they are sent quickly 


What’s more, customers expect to receive abandoned cart message. Almost 60% abandoned cart emails are opened if send immediately after cart is abandoned. 


However, it is important to do this quickly, according to Online Consumer Trends, with every hour the chance to regain customer interest in the purchase is reduced.


SALESmanago helps ecommerce to recover abandoned baskets 


Marketing Automation system allows you to save up to 5.45% of transactions that would be lost. Companies that do this well can save more than twice as much as the eCommerce that are average in using Marketing Automation. 


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