Product recommendation frames are the most modern tool enabling full personalization of the offer presented in your online store, for both monitored and anonymous users, using its own unique technology to place frames on the website.


    • dedicated CMS for the management of recommendation frames in your store directly from SALESmanago level, designed in such a way that there is no need for IT support
    • advanced creator of responsive frames of any layout and appearance, allowing you to add any automatic recommendation scenarios including AI mechanisms and live frame previews
    • possibility of placing any number of frames, adjusted to different stages of customer’s purchase (product page, product list, checkout)
    • analytics of the number of views, clicks and conversions generated by each frame

Once again, we have reached for the opinions and guidelines of representatives of the largest European eCommerce and B2C companies which, within the framework of the Advisory Board of Customers, helped us develop product recommendation frames. These frames may be implemented regardless of the size and platform on which the website is built.
What distinguishes our frames from other tools available on the market?
Dedicated frames management CMS – improvement of the frame implementation process on websites was one of our main goals. Our customers use different store platforms, and the process of modifying a website template often requires the involvement of IT resources, tedious tests and additional pricing. We have prepared a tool that is extremely easy to use, and allows you to place frames anywhere on the website from SALESmanago level without any IT assistance. It enables you to decide when to turn on and off product recommendations that you have already created.
Advanced creator – allows you to prepare responsive frames of any layout with a live preview of their appearance directly in your store, allowing you to add automatic recommendation algorithms:

  • AI recommendations (coming soon)
  • check out the bestsellers
  • other users also bought
  • add your favourites to your order
  • go back to viewed recently

Possibility of placing an unlimited number of frames – adjust the frames to the shopping stages of a client, so as to choose the best recommended products depending on the place of their presentation:

  • product page
  • product list
  • checkout
  • any subpage of the store

Analytics – each frame has its own analytics which includes the number of views, clicks and generated conversions. It allows you to optimize your sales on the basis of the best converting product recommendation frames.
Use of the product recommendation frames will shorten the path to customers from entering the site to reaching the offers they are interested in and increase your sales conversion. Implementation of such an advanced functionality has never been so easy!
If you want to introduce recommendation frames in your online store, we have prepared an implementation instruction for you – see the guideline