We are implementing a suite of new functionalities in our Live Chat specifically designed for large eCommerces, working with thousands of users each day. The SALESmanago Live Chat now offers an array of functions to manage the flow of the conversations with your consultants more efficiently, speed up the process of giving your customers helpful advice, and allowing you to automate the conversations using an intelligent chatbot and personalized product recommendations.


The new Live Chat will allow you to utilize the full breadth of possibilities offered by the Customer Data Platform in your real-time conversations with the customers. You will have seamless access to the 360 customer profiles in our system from the Live Chat, allowing you to utilize the 1-to-1 automated recommendations in real-time. As the presence of a real human being becomes a luxury, your consultants will be able to take a more analytical approach, by relying on a truly intelligent chatbot with full access to the customers’ profiles, able to generate personalized 1-to-1 content and increase your sales without human supervision. You can improve your services by gathering feedback from your users and perform a deep analysis of the effectiveness of the Live Chat on your website. The new Live Chat is infinitely customizable in how it looks, so it can fit aesthetically with any website, and with the functionality of the progressive forms, it can help you acquire the data about your contacts you do not have yet.


SALESmanago Live Chat Features:

  • Communicate with your website visitors and help them find information on your products more effectively by providing immediate answers thanks to real-time access to 360 customer view telling you what each customer is interested in.
  • Increase your sales by using dynamic 1-to-1 and AI product recommendations. The consultant can use recommendations during the conversation and offer products that perfectly match the client’s interests.
  • Use ChatBot in your Live Chat. Allow your customers to get all information at any time even if the consultant is not available. Help them find what they asked for thanks to the product recommendations provided by a bot.
  • Increase the quality of conversations thanks to numerous chat management options such as canned responses, sneak-peek messages, the possibility of transferring the conversation to another consultant, advanced consultant reports, and detailed analysis of conducted conversations. Measure how many visitors convert to customers after a chat. 
  • Design chat windows perfectly matched to your website thanks to extensive customization capabilities. Personalize the chat welcome message and automate the window display depending on the currently displayed subpage.
  • Collect feedback on the conversations and increase customer satisfaction by analyzing it and determining what issues are reported to the consultants and how they are handled. 
  • Acquire contact information about potential customers in the chat window. Thanks to the progressive profiling feature in the forms, you only ask for data that you do not have.

Find new ways of reaching out to your customer


The new SALESmanago Live Chat was developed with the ease of use in mind and requires simple, straight-forward steps to be properly configured. The intuitive wizard will take through every step of creating a new Live Chat

  • choose the devices for which the Live Chat will display and create separate Live Chat windows for desktop and mobile devices
  • customize the appearance and placement of your Live Chat
  • set the option for chat rating, which allows the users to leave feedback (they’ll be able to go back and change their rating within 24 hours)
  • choose the consultants who will have the access to this feature
  • customize the welcome message displayed to the users when the chat window appears, which can be different depending on the browsed section of the website
  • input a custom form displayed to the customers with a request for specific personal information
  • set the bot and define the automated settings, including the name of the specific chat template, the schedule, and timing for the Live Chat display, allow the chat to create tags after conversations and activate the Chat immediately or save it
  • when you’re done with the wizard, you’ll be able to access the canned responses library where you can set predefined answers for commonly asked questions for your consultants, allowing them to be more proactive towards the customers.

The entire Live Chat feature can be set up fully using the SALESmanago platform only and requires no website integration, meaning no IT support is required.

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