Latest Wolfgang Digital’s KPI Report shows the continuous increase in the number of transactions made on mobile devices. Other studies find that 66% of traffic in ecommerce is generated by mobile users. However, only 39% of companies use a mobile responsive email template. How you can utilize your marketing automation software to better fit the customer’s mobile activities?


Mobile commerce can make up more than half of total ecommerce sales


Two out of three shoppers prefer using their mobile devices while browsing the internet. What’s more, marketers predict that by 2021 mobile commerce will hold 53.9% of total ecommerce sales. Mobile commerce trend is not slowing any soon, because of that all of the businesses need to optimize their website to mobile users. Reports show that 66% of the total time spent in ecommerce is being consumed on smartphones while more than half of searchers are more willing to make a purchase from a mobile-optimized website. Therefore a correct mobile optimization will be crucial for most companies if they don’t’ want to stay behind their competition.


Mobile optimization possibilities


The marketing strategy needs to cover mobile optimization in the meaning of budget and overall planning, so-called Mobile First Approach. Your website needs to be adapted to display on various mobile devices. The key to successfully introduce your business to mobile devices is a content-centered mind. By analyzing your current and future content and traffic, you are able to decide whether to use a mobile version of your website, Responsive Web Design, or even mobile app. Each of these solutions has its pros and cons that need to be taken into consideration.


Don’t forget about mobile users in your marketing campaigns


Having the website optimized for mobile users is a must-have now, as we already stated. But you can’t forget about the optimization of direct communication with your prospects and customers. SALESmanago, with its omnichannel capabilities, delivers a set of functionalities that will help you address the needs of mobile users. You can:

  • preview drafted and created emails as seen on mobile devices, 
  • use SMS communication and deliver messages on Whatsapp and Viber,
  • specify whether the various elements, such as popups or social proof widgets, displayed on the website are wanted to be seen on mobile or not (if so, they are easy to open and close)
  • create campaigns addressed specifically to mobile or desktop users 
  • track activity and automate communication to mobile app users thanks to SALESmanago Mobile
  • extend communication with customers through push notifications or in-app in a mobile application (for users who have a mobile application outside the website)

All these features and much more allow for even greater personalization of mobile strategy thanks to the collection of behavioral and transactional data from the mobile application.