palecEach marketing agency considering widening its array of services with Marketing Automation should begin with developing an offer that will satisfy its customers’ needs. Your customers’ needs depend mostly on the size and type of budget, hence you should provide a couple of diverse bundles, each dedicated to specific type of client. Luckily, Marketing Automation systems are very flexible: these tools will deliver value both for SMB and big corporations.

Marketing Automation can be supportive or complimentary element to services you provide and grow your clients’ revenue. On the other hand, it will boost your own team’s productivity. With Marketing Automation you can improve the following areas:

  • E-Mail Marketing: replace traditional bulk messages with progressive Lead Nurturing programs, delivering the content matched to each user’s individual preferences, interests and habits,
  • Website: implementing Lead Nurturing increases customer’s engagement, boosting website’s efficiency in generating Sales Qualified Leads (SQL). Marketing Automation optimizes also that parameter by displaying personalized website content (forms, product recommendations, last viewed offers, etc).
  • Sales system: increase efficiency of sales department by delivering purchase-ready leads, so salespeople can focus on most promising ones.

Suite listed below show complete bundles of actions that should be included in strategy of marketing actions built around Marketing Automation Platforms.

Services included:

  • Precise identification of your customer, his needs and target,
  • Dedicated specialist,
  • Integration of Marketing Automation software with the website,
  • Access to free trainings online organized by Benhauer.
  • Access to knowledge base (case studies, best practices and more),
  • Ongoing analysis of ROI.

Suite I. Basic Marketing Automation

For whom?

A perfect solution for small and medium-sized businesses with limited resources, looking for a way to improve lead acquisition process. A company willing to implement that suite should have enough content to conduct each stage of sales process. Clear definition of marketing goals is also required. Similar suite can be implemented in a company that already uses Marketing Automation.

Services offered:

  • Creation and implementation of basic email templates,
  • Monitoring of e-mail channel in real time,
  • Basic scoring system,
  • Identification and monitoring of contacts’ behavior,
  • Landing pages for e-mail marketing campaigns,
  • Implementing basic contact forms,
  • X hours of dedicated support per month

Price: 125 Euro per month

Suite II. Medium-advanced Marketing Automation

For whom?

Suite dedicated to companies searching more knowledge and resources to acquire new contacts to support actual marketing actions and design new ones.

Services offered:

  • Services covered in Suite I,
  • Advanced Landing Pages and e-mail templates,
  • Designing Lead Nurturing Path,
  • Designing e-mail marketing program,
  • Sales alerts,
  • Basic customer segmentation,
  • Preparing content for marketing actions (insert number of content),
  • X hours of dedicated support per month,
  • Monthly reports.

Suite III: Complete Outsourcing of Marketing Automation

For whom?

The suite is dedicated to companies with all the resources needed to implement Marketing Automation, but decided for outsourcing.

Services offered:

  • Services covered in Suite II,
  • Complete implementation plan, including subsequent stages of the project, goals, specific actions,
  • Full technical configuration of the system,
  • Website optimization,
  • Combining sales and marketing departments,
  • Advanced segmentation of addresses lists and process analysis,
  • Model profiles of MQL, SAL, SQL contacts,
  • Database optimization,
  • Social media campaigns,
  • Lead lifecycle description,
  • Preparing content for marketing actions (insert number of content),
  • Monthly reports.

Suite IV: Complete Marketing Automation Service

For whom?

Suite dedicated to companies equipped with Marketing Automation system. It aims at providing support by exploiting Marketing Automation to its fullest by delivering expert service and highly advanced campaigns.

Services offered:

  • Complete analysis of data available and company’s situation,
  • Database optimization,
  • Integrating Marketing Automation with other systems used by company,
  • Developing complete marketing campaigns using Marketing Automation features,
  • Creating complete Lead Nurturing program,
  • Advanced scoring system,
  • SEO,
  • Model profiles of MQL, SAL, SQL contacts,
  • Implementation of multichannel marketing,
  • Preparing content for marketing actions (insert number of content),
  • Monthly reports.

Suites described above are just a suggestion of how marketing agency can combine services into bundles for its clients.

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