Let’s focus on how many emails we receive daily. Well, surprisingly, the number of mailings reaches an average of 121 emails per day (CampaignMonitor).  So how to step out from the promotional-email-marketing-crowd? You have to make your mailing unique and eye-catching. It’s a kind of a harsh job when 14.5 billion spam emails are sent every day (Spam Laws). People most often automatically click the bin icon before even opening the email, so how do you get them not to only open it but also visit the website through it? Try some of our email marketing sweet secrets which as if by magic increase your statistics.


Emails optimized for mobile generate 15% higher click-through-rates


Nowadays, we live in a hurry, just compare how many times you check your private email inbox on mobile and on the desktop? According to Google, 75% of Gmail users use mobile devices to access their accounts. As the header says, emails optimized for mobile generate 15% higher click-through-rates. Find out, how SALESmanago helps you improve your email campaign results. (Ivesp)


With just one click, you can preview your email design for desktop and mobile separately. When creating an email in Drag & Drop Email Designer, just click on the ‘Preview’ icon on the top, and then select, which device preview you want to display. Save your time, instead of sending test mailings to yourself and your co-workers, check if everything is in the right order and place.


Including social sharing buttons in your emails can increase CTR by 158%


Social sharing icons are the direct links leading from a mailing to your website or social media profile. There is no mystery that email marketing generates better ROI than Social Media content, but combining these two can actually make your email statistics go wild. 


Only 29% of email campaigns include social sharing icons, kinda strange because email messages, that include social media buttons, have a lot higher click-through rates statistics, than the ones that don’t contain them. Average CTR for emails without social sharing icons finds out about 2,4% and average CTR for emails that include them remains 6,2% (SuperOffice).To make it a piece of cake for SALESmanago customers, we prepared a special widget in Drag & Drop Email Designer, that allows you to increase your click-statistics through social media buttons.


You can connect any socials with your mailings, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, even Pinterest, and TikTok! Combine your mailing strategy with sharing your brand and prove how profitable it can be to mix email marketing with popular digital marketing channels!


Segmented email campaigns earn 100.95% higher click-through rates


Have you even bothered to read and click the emails you receive in your inbox that are not tailored to your interests? Good mailing has to speak to customers. With the right targeting, you can boost your revenue per email up to 3 times more than usual broadcast emails. 


As segmented email campaigns earn 100.95% higher clickthrough rates as we introduced in our Drag&Drop Email Designer special feature – Conditional content (SmartInsights).


Differentiate offers and entire parts of the message, so they match the interests of selected groups of recipients of a single campaign. Use advanced content targeting, including conditions based on AI mechanisms, to precisely define contact segments for which a given variant will be displayed. This tool allows you to send multilingual mailings, customize offers available in the Loyalty Program, personalize content based on behavioral segmentation, and more.


Campaigns with images had 42% higher click-through rates


Are images in email campaigns help or hurt your click-statistics? According to research,  emails with images had a 42% higher CTR than campaigns without images (GetVero). But images do not always have a positive impact on your mailing, an increase in the number of them decreases the average CTR. If you want to avoid spam filters, the ratio has to stay around 30-40% image to text (Neil Patel).


Remember, that overloading your mailing with additional pictures will slow down its opening and customers don’t like when you keep them waiting!


In SALESmanago, you can use an advanced widget, called Image group, which allows you to turn your pictures into one, link any of them with the various hyperlinks and lead to different parts of your websites. 


Thanks to this tiny one, you can create beautiful email designs, with multiple pictures, considered as one by the customer.

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