Only 25% of marketers use real-time personalisation, the majority – 75% – remain faithful to pre-defined strategies. Real-time personalisation is very important, among other things because customers expect it. One of the systems that helps companies with personalization is SALESmanago.


Only 25% of companies use real time personalization


Marketers are moving away from traditional ways of campaigning – as much as 88% of marketers are increasingly using omnichannel strategies. In addition, most marketers are increasingly focusing on tracking the customer’s journey, through websites, social media channels or e-mail.


According to Merkle’s research, only 25% of respondents focus on real-time personalization tactics – the remaining 75% still rely on pre-defined personalization or “half measures”. Researchers note that for companies providing personalization tools, this is a field for further development. 


Why is personalization so important?


The digital era has brought a change in the behavior and expectations of customers. Consumers have become accustomed to personalized offers, and what’s more, they expect it – as Accenture research shows, 91% of clients are more likely to shop at stores that provide them with relevant offers and recommendations. 


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