is a wonderful world of blue denim. Although they have been on the market since 2014, its creators have over 20 years of experience. runs an online retail store and a stationary one, where you can find products from various manufacturers. customers can easily choose from a wide selection of clothes thanks to advanced filtering. Moreover, on their site, you will find an extensive information blog about current trends.



  • running marketing activities in an online store and a stationary store,
  • customer service in three languages,
  • diverse customer base in terms of interests in specific products and brands,
  • automating as many scenarios as possible and thus reducing manual operations,
  • omnichannel – using multiple channels to communicate with online and offline users.


  • segmentation,
  • communication with the clientbase,
  • dynamic product recommendations,
  • lead generation.



Highly increased results of openings, clicks and conversions of SALESmanago email marketing campaigns compared to regular campaigns.


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