Direct onsite communication with customers via Live Chat can be a really challenging job especially when the number of website visitors goes into thousands at the same time and a lot of them start to talk simultaneously. SALESmanago Livechat has been recently equipped with a couple of super cool features that make the process of delivering relevant information much faster. Find out how to preview messages written by a customer in real time before they are sent to you, how to use knowledge database and ready made (canned) responses library, how to delegate the communication to other teams and create personalized product recommendations to customers interested in buying things at your ecommerce.


1. Deliver accurate and turbo fast answers by peeking into what the customer is typing in real-time


In order to speed up the entire conversation process, we made it possible to preview messages written by the customer in real-time. The consultant can actually see the content and prepare his reply simultaneously. Don’t make the customer wait too long! This simple trick reduces majorly the user’s waiting time for a response.


2. Speed up your response time by using ready-made answers from Canned responses library and knowledge database


Using the canned response library will reduce your customer’s waiting time to a minimum.  Creating language groups with pre-prepared responses and abbreviations will allow the consultant to react instantly to the messages. These shortcuts are used by adding the special character “#” in the conversation window, and when selected, the specific text is displayed. The administrator can attach a link to ready-made answers in the Library panel. 


3. Delegate / Forward the conversations to people ready to support the customer with a specialist knowledge


Consultant groups make it possible to increase the customer satisfaction and the speed of the answers to questions that arise on Live Chat. The “Forward” function allows you to redirect the conversation to a specific consultant or to a selected group – e.g. specialized in technical support or marketing.


4. Meet your customer buying intent by creating and sharing personalized product recommendations


In the consultant’s panel, after opening the contact card, items that the user added to the cart are displayed, as well as recommendations based on his recent visits, abandoned carts, and AI algorithms. These personalized products can be seen in the conversation window by clicking the “Share” button. The system also allows you to select the information that can be sent to the user.


These simple tricks not only increase the ergonomics of time and work, but also improve the process of communication with the customer. Thanks to them, the conversation with the user runs more efficiently, facilitates the work of consultants, and directly affects the sales results.