Report analysisToday more than 160 marketing and interactive agencies offer Marketing Automation, including many recognized companies such as Emred, Marco, Datatekin, GB Interactive and Yaapas. Why?

The reason lies in high competition on marketing services market and increasing customers’ expectations, which put agencies in difficult position. They are forced to spend most of their time and resources on keeping their existing customers, not acquiring new ones (e.g. when compared to IT companies, which can focus on searching new sources of revenue).

Including Marketing Automation in your offer helps handle that situation. Below we list 4 benefits of becoming a SALESmanago partner.

1. Get high and stable additional income

Marketing Automation systems gain more and more popularity all over the world. Companies invest willingly in sales and marketing automation, because they perceive it as solution complimentary to their CRM and ERP systems. Marketing agencies have possibility to benefit not only from selling SALESmanago, but also post-sale support for their clients. As Partner you will get monthly commission for selling SALESmanago.

2. Offer innovation

The market is dominated by traditional services surrounding SEO, SEM and social media. There are tens of thousands of firms offering similar services and even small companies compete with big players.

Thanks to Marketing Automation you will widen your array of services by creating lead Nurturing Programs, Drip Marketing, managing automation rules.

3. Increase customer retention and focus on acquisition

The market is extremely fragmented due to frequent customers rotation.

With service such as marketing automation you will not only increase retention, but also by  keep your existing customers with unique offer you will find resources to focus on acquiring new ones.

4. Deliver value for your clients

Traditional marketing techniques as SEO or AdWords are perceived as cost. Automation on the other hand means real change. By delivering simple automations, notifications and Lead Nurturing programs you not only provide  a unique and measurable value for your client, but also allow you to accumulate your ideas and knowledge in marketing processes.

Types of SALESmanago partners

  • Marketing and Interactive Agencies – Value Added Resellers (VAR),
  • Resellers of ERP and CRM software, IT companies
  • Individuals, affiliates

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