Did you know that over the last couple of years Black Friday sales constantly grow in popularity in Europe? Nowadays it is obvious that it is one of the European spending peaks. Black Friday, November 27 this year, should be written on each trader’s calendar in bold. Though it might look a bit different in 2020, undoubtedly it is still worth preparing your business thoroughly and using the commerce potential of this day to the maximum. Below, we have collected a handful of information that will be useful for our clients in order to do so!


Get ready for high traffic- automate your processes


It is possible that your website will turn into a marketing highway on this day. Prepare for much more traffic than usual with the maximized automation of existing processes. A non-working and overloaded website can unfortunately quickly discourage customers and chase them away to your competitors, so test your servers and don’t let yourself get surprised. Also take care of getting more products ready for shipment and a smooth sales process. Bare in mind, that a new, satisfied customer may come back to you in the future.


It is pretty obvious that taking care of your regular customers pays back – literally! Prepare your website marketing by showing them products selected according to their previous interests. For this purpose, use available dynamic content such as personalized recommendation frames, banners and pop-ups. Let a familiar product grab your customer’s attention during this chaotic day. 


Remember that Black Friday brings some expectations. According to research, most customers expect a discount around 50%. Consumers are bombarded with offers from all sides, so it is also worth creating a competitive offer and presenting it in a visually attractive way. Graphics, colors and fonts are important but they are not everything. Nowadays, many people display content not only on computers but mainly on mobile devices. Make sure that your website works flawlessly on your phone or tablet.


Let yourself be noticed in the mailboxes – prepare a successful mailing campaign


When you have an offer prepared, it is worth planning an appearance of your mailing campaign. It will reach customers who have consented to receive marketing content from you, and some of them are already your regular customers. Everyone likes to feel special, so it’s worth offering them something extra. Maybe a free delivery or some accessory?  Up to 49% or potential customers have been proven to decide for the purchase if the delivery is not additionally paid for. In fact, even a small thing will change the reception of your shop in the eyes of the customer, so choose something that is beneficial for both parties and do not hesitate to do it!


Next, prepare the email itself. A short, catchy text can be a much better option than a longer message. Remember that on this day you will be one of at least a few, if not a dozen, e-mails in your recipients’ mailboxes, so take care of the … SUBJECT! Make the subject of your message more visible, use 65 characters or less, and avoid cliché words like “bargain” or “promotion”. Think outside the box and prepare a message as unique as your product.


As in the case of the website, it is also worth taking care of attractive graphics in the message. Pay attention to matching the color of the email to your website. At this stage, our Drag & Drop wizard will help you. You can create an email from scratch or support yourself with one of the many ready-made message layouts we prepared for you to use.


Finally, define your audience and schedule the send-out. It’s a great practice to do this in advance. If you schedule your messages at least a day prior, then by Friday your emails will be filtered and ready to be sent at the time you choose – we’ll take care of it!


Work on your uniqueness, be creative, let your offers stay in their heads!


Nowadays the Internet is overflooded with medium-quality content. Show your customers that you are doing your best, especially on a day like Black Friday. Make your content thoughtful, correct and consistent. Take care of advanced content marketing – maybe it would be a good idea to prepare a few entries with lists of products recommended by an expert? Let your website leave a mark in your client’s memory and make it easier for him to remember about you in the future. 


Start promoting yourself on Social Media even two weeks in advance – use general content and don’t post too often, but it is worth signaling that prizes are about to drop in your shop. Work on multiple channels, the more roads lead the customers to you, the greater the chance that they will reach their destination!


Black Friday can also serve as a great excuse to do more. Maybe this is a good time to launch a brand new product that will attract more consumers on that day? Or maybe you want to donate part of your income to charity and warm up the image of your company at a time when it is visible for more people than usual? There are many possibilities, think, plan, be creative and don’t let yourself be limited to any strict patterns!

marketing automation

marketing automation