11 email marketing stats every marketer should know in 2018


2018 has already started. Get ready to prepare your next email marketing campaign! It is still one of the best and the most effective way to reach your customers, and despite some rumors, it is absolutely not dead yet. Here are 11 facts and stats to show you the irrefutable proof that email marketing is at its highest.





1.How many emails were sent and received in 2017?


Communication via email constantly grows. In 2017 the total number of emails sent and received amounted over 225.3 billion and it is expected to grow to 257.7 billion by the end of 2020.

Source: Radicati


2.Why to send emails this year?


There are 3.7 billion email users, which is 48.6 % of the world population. Since some users have multiple email accounts (1.7 on average), there are more email accounts than there are users, therefore personalization and refreshing your client database is vital if you want to reach your customers effectively. How to clean up your database? Check here.

Source: Lifewire


3.What would be the most popular devices for sending and receiving emails in 2018?


54% of total email opens occurred on mobile phones or tablets (41% mobiles, 11% tablets, 48% desktop). The interesting fact is, that despite of men and women being equally likely to convert from opening their emails on desktop to a mobile device, women more likely convert to a tablet and men, on a phone.

Sources: Litmus, Emailmonday


4.How should an ideal email look like in 2018? What to do to increase your response rate this year?


Emails with 50 to 125 words have the best response rate, at over 50%. Writing 10 words or less will reduce your response rate to 36%. The emails with a subject line fewer than 10 characters saw an open rate of 58%. Go straight to the point – learn the exact needs of your users and mark a 1-to-1 communication even in bulk mailings.

Check also 13 Ideas for a Successful Email Marketing for more info.

Source: Saleshub.


5.Is it worth using emoji’s and GIF-s in your emails, or are they dead by now?


56% of brands using emojis in their subject lines have a higher open rate. The study shows that a snowman emoji is hugely effective in making people open an email (+65.72%) followed by the sun (+20.95%) and star (+10.65%).

Using GIF-centric email campaigns, results in a 6% increase in open rates, 42% increase in click rate, 103% increase in conversion rate and 109% increase in revenue.

Source:  Voilanorbert


6.Is email marketing actually effective?


In 2017 the average return for email marketing was 44$ for every 1$ spent. Therefore it is worth your time.

Source: Campaignmonitor


7.Are personalized emails more effective than copy and paste?


The times of bulk campaigns are long gone. Personalization is a must. Emails with personalized message content received a 5% lift in open rates compared to emails with no personalization.

Source: Statista


8.Is email automation really that important?


Automated email messages have 70.5% higher open rates and 152% higher click-through rates than “business as usual” marketing messages. How to switch from email marketing to a marketing automation? Check this post.

Source: Epsilon


9.Does an email trigger purchase? Isn’t it better to put your shirt on Facebook or Twitter instead this year?


66% of consumers say that email marketing influences them to make a purchase as opposed to 20% for Facebook and only 6% for Twitter.To sum up – we don’t buy via social media!

Source: Digitalcurrent


10.What are the most important 2018 trends impacting email marketing campaigns?


30% of marketers responded with personalization as the development most likely to impact their email marketing. Segmentation was a fairly close second, with 21% choosing this trend.

Source: Emailmonday


11.What would be the future of an email?


38% said that they think email will be “Broadly the same with some innovations”, 39% said email will undergo “Major changes but with the same fundamentals”.

Source: Emailmonday

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