stopAbout 77% of marketing department executives acknowledge that the main reason for their Marketing Automation implementation was the willingness to increase revenue of the company. By the end of 2015 utilization of Marketing Automation systems is to increase by 50%. However, among various optimistic statistics, there is some problematic data. Huge flow of information makes some premature leads land in the sales funnel. Moreover, less than a third of leads are ready for a contact with a salesperson.

Over 60% of marketers pass generated leads on directly to the sales department without any processing, treatment or verification. Taking into account that only 27% of the total number of leads are ready for contact with the salesperson, we face huge problem both in the sales and marketing department. Sales blames marketing for delivering the leads, which aren’t adequately prepared for interaction with a salesperson. In turn, marketing accuses sales of late or unsuitable contact with delivered leads or even inefficient usage of information collected by them. Therefore, huge sales potential is lost.

Focus on good quality leads

If you want to generate large number of new contacts for sales department by Marketing Automation system not making sure that you deliver good quality ones, then you’ll backfire. A key thing to solve this problem can be an agreement between representatives of both departments on what in fact is a good quality lead for them. It’s worth to establish instantly the type of precious contacts for salespersons, taking into account their direct relation with potential clients.

How to prepare leads with Marketing Automation?

Sending all newly acquired leads to sales department causes total disorder of conversion rate. Exploited salespersons won’t be able to select high potential leads effectively. How to tackle that? Taking advantage of the cycle of information – educational activities, what in fact is Lead Nurturing, we will be able to gradually prepare potential clients to the moment, when they really become ready for traditional contact with the salesperson. It’s the least intrusive and quite modest way to take full advantage of the possibilities proposed by Marketing Automation systems. We are also sure that we don’t flood the sales department with useless contacts, providing them with never-ending job.


To sum up, in classic style leads passing between departments, it’s hardly possible to synchronize all the activities in both teams without suitable tools. Recognizing properly the needs of both departments and enhancing communication between them, we are able to avoid unnecessary problems with solutions provided by Marketing Automation systems.