SALESmanago took the 26th position in the Financial Times FT1000 ranking of the fastest growing companies in Europe, at the same time being number 1 in the category of MA companies. According to Datanyze, it is the second largest provider of Marketing Automation solutions for e-commerce in Europe.

SALESmanago Marketing Automation offers a new generation of marketing automation software, equipped with Machine Learning & AI, to personalize all communication channels in real time. SALESmanago provides various platform tools for free, including Live Chat, Web Push, Pop-up and CRM and Contact Management. The prestige of the company constantly attracting new customers. Check out who joined us in May:



Since 1997 a leading company providing recruitment and training services for international airlines. They recruit shipboard personnel and pilots around the world.


Norma Editorial SPAIN

Founded in 1983 in Barcelona by Norma Editorial, is one of the most important bookstores specializing in comics and manga in Europe. On the area of over 700 m2, there is information and news of all Spanish publishers, as well as a large selection of promotional and gift products not only related to comics, but also to the world of cinema, television, and video games.


Vorhus ehf ICELAND

Space for the home, where you will find not only beautiful and great quality equipment, but also a design that fits in with the global trends.


Embou Nuevas Tecnologias SPAIN

Thanks to wireless radio technology, they connected the telecommunication networks to almost 96% of Aragón, reaching areas which other operators could not.



Founded in 2000 to introduce innovation in the real estate market and improve the well-being of people in the workplace. They offer highly technological solutions to meet the digital transformation of real estate assets.


Bulgarian Telecommunication Company EAD (Vivacom) BULGARIA

The first telecommunication company in Bulgaria. The story began in remote 1879 with the provision of telegraph services. Today,136 years later, VIVACOM is a leader in providing advanced telecommunication solutions for individual and business customers – mobile and fixed-line telephony services, internet, digital HD television of the latest generation.



The community of women who, in spite of everyday duties related to looking after children, feel the need to humorously disenchant the mother’s stereotype and break the myth of ideal motherhood.




Hard work and professional approach to organizing individual and group tours, resulted in receiving the title of the leader among tour operators. In 2011, they joined the group of partners of the Krakow Festival Office. Every day they passionately talk about the treasures of Krakow and the surrounding area, allowing foreign tourists to get to know the hidden beauty of Lesser Poland.


Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski Krakow University

for years, one of the best rated non-public universities according to the Ranking of Perspectives. The Academy strives for ensuring the highest quality of education and practical knowledge, so important in the constantly changing labor market, not only in Poland but also in Europe. The university is ranked on the third place in Poland when it comes to prestige among employers.



The company is built on the three values that are transparency, certainty and support. Regardless of whether you need to create a strategy for the brand or graphical interface, you can always count on full support. Synermedia is a combination of actions of all those who are involved in the project, which will have a real impact on your reality.


Company offering high-quality accessories and accessories for clothing. They employ the precise production technology, so their offer includes only tested products that are made of the finest high-quality fabrics and precise production technology.


Urwisy dwa

Polish brand offering thousands of attractive products created for the youngest users and their parents, constantly expanding its offer to fill the market gap in the children’s assortment.


Pako Lorente

Polish brand offering a wide selection of shirts, suits, jackets, trousers, and coats as well as accessories and footwear. Through developed constructions, they emphasize the strengths of the male silhouette and provide the comfort of use.


Biuronet Michał Jankowski  (

From the very beginning of their activity, they focus on customer satisfaction, continuous expansion of the product offer and continuous development, which is manifested by the continuous participation in the Rzetelna Firma program. They offer high-quality office and school supplies as well as household chemicals.


Best Decor Robert Kwap (Bella Storia)

Created out of the passion for beauty, elegance, and harmony. They will bring a southern array to your bedroom guaranteed by the highest quality fabrics. They know that health and well-being are guaranteed by a comfortable and restorative sleep, which is why they care for their pillows, bed sheets and decorative covers to be made of the best quality materials.



Collect, analyze and extract value from dispersed sources of information every day. The algorithms and tools they create support the collection, integration, analysis, and management of large datasets.



Protection of customer’s interests, safety, reliability and guaranteed quantity of gas. The confidence of deliveries for the decade is the company’s greatest asset in the opinion of customers. The offer includes cylinders used in households (for cooking and heating) and in companies, e.g. for forklifts and welding.



From the beginning, unroasted and eco cocoa beans were the key raw material in the assortment of the store. Without any experience in food production and running a company, over the past few years, they introduced a product to the Polish market that stole the hearts of those who love the ecological way of life.


ASMO Solutions

Recruitment agency for the German market. As part of its operations, Asmo Solutions only cooperates with reliable employers in Germany, guaranteeing employees safety, stability and salary always on time.


PPH MJS s.c. (Semper)

The Semper company founded in 1989 deals with the design and production of all-day and formal clothing for a modern woman, aware of her needs. The Semper brand received numerous awards, including the Individuality of the Mercury Market, Gold Medal at the Poznań International Fair and Retail Marketing Awards



The company where a team of people who are strongly oriented to development, develops modern methods of using technology to optimize business processes, increase revenues and improve communication between people.



One of the largest distributors of medical equipment in Poland. Their goal is to provide the highest-quality medical products of companies of the world’s forefront. For 25 years, they have been cooperating with leading clinical centers in Poland, supplying them with the Norma Editorialhighest quality medical solutions, safe for the staff and the patients as well as comfortable at work.