SALESmanago mission is to create the most universal tool in the Marketing Automation sector. That’s why we make a variety of features available for our customers and we don’t limit ourselves to solutions such as automation rules or e-mail marketing that are offered by lots of similar systems. We decided to make a step further and deliver our users a comprehensive set of tools that will fulfill their needs in terms of marketing activities, lead generation and boosting sales. Companies that use SALESmanago Marketing Automation platform are able to provide outstanding customer experience while shopping and make the Customer Journey pleasant and uninterrupted. A great tool that helps to achieve this, useful especially in Ecommerce industry, is SALESmanago Live Chat, which we have equipped this month with a new feature – Live Chat Analytics.


SALESmanago Live Chat – an effective and quick communication with customer in Ecommerce


After implementing Live Chat on the website, it appears as a window and allows to communicate quickly and conveniently with customers. Among other similar solutions on the market, SALESmanago Live Chat stands out because of the integration with Marketing Automation platform that gives users much more possibilities. Consultants use the SALESmanago interface to chat with interested customers. The Live Chat module is fully integrated with all the other features, which allows to identify customers who send their inquiries to the company and gives an insight into all information about them in the system: not only basic information, but also a full contact card, behavioral and transactional profile including such data as scoring, contact activity (pages visited), purchase history, notes and task associated to the contact. The consultants also receive access to product recommendations: for example, they can recommend products to customers which they saw during their last visit and send them with just one click (let’s imagine that the customer can’t remember which shoes he or she liked – Live Chat fixes that problem easily), the same goes with products from an abandoned cart or recommended to specific contact by AI and Machine Learning algorithms. There is also a product gallery from online shop available for consultants. They can search for the products that customers ask for and send them during the conversation. Being instantly attended and having the problem effectively resolved affects greatly the customer satisfaction in the Ecommerce sector. A rise in sales can also be observed – with SALESmanago Live Chat recommendations you not only talk to customers, but actually sell!


Live Chat and Lead Generation


Live Chat is also (or maybe we should say: mainly) a great way to generate leads, any worse than the traditional pop-ups or contact forms on the website. How exactly does lead generation work through Live Chat? It can be configured by a SALESmanago user to display a contact form that has to be filled by the customer who wants to talk with a consultant on the chat. The data is sent to a contact card in SALESmanago. The customer data can be acquired in a progressive way: the monitored contacts will be asked about the details that you still don’t have on their contact card. It can be basic personal data like name or city, or more detailed like the date of birth or even a shoe size! This way you don’t ask for unnecessary information that you already have, and you gain precious data that can be used in the future to send message with discount for the customer’s birthday. On the other hand, the customers that are already in your contact base won’t have to fill in the same data, which will save their time and frustration.



Live Chat Analytics


To make Live Chat more effective, we have introduced a new analytical panel – Live Chat Analytics. This feature gives you the opportunity to check the performance results of every Live Chat that you have in the system and every consultant. You can verify if the customers are happy with the service and this way be sure that your customer service is top quality and the users feel that they are important for the company. The conclusions will also allow you to correct any weaknesses in the human resources management or any other areas in your organisation. Live Chat Analytics will perfectly complement the features offered by our chat and is suited for Ecommerce, B2B and B2C.


Which data does Live Chat Analytics show?


The new Live Chat analytics module lets you monitor the following statistics in the chosen period (for example last week, month, year):


  • overall number of conversations;
  • conversation time analytics: the average time of starting the conversation, the average time of response, the number of rejected conversations;
  • average duration of conversation;
  • leads acquired through Live Chat conversations (for example when customers fill in the form in the chat with their data);
  • customer satisfaction with the service received, expressed in a three-level range after the conversation is finished;
  • URL addresses with the highest number of started conversations – from which URL the customers have contacted the company through Live Chat the most.


What does it mean exactly? You get a comprehensive tool that allows you to gather data about Live Chat sessions, analyze them and draw conclusions. You get an insight into the effectiveness of your consultants (for example who needs less time to start the conversation and respond), the satisfaction of your customers with the service, or the attractiveness of every subpage of your website or which one has the most successful CTA which makes the customers inquire the consultants about the offer. You also get an important feedback about your customer care quality, backed with numbers. Moreover, it delivers data about the Live Chat effectiveness as a lead acquisition tool.



What benefits does Live Chat Analytics bring?


Unquestionably, the new analytics module introduced by SALESmanago brings a lot of advantages to Live Chat users. If you interpret the data from analytics panel properly, you can draw surprisingly fruitful conclusions regarding many areas of your organisation. Besides examining the analytics panel it’s recommended to check regularly the conversations archive in the Consultant panel. When you know what kind of questions the customers ask, you can figure out for example whether your website is well constructed and the content is distributed correctly and which points in the Customer Journey are the most problematic.

So, how exactly you can use the data delivered by Live Chat Analytics?


  • You get detailed statistics concerning the performance of every consultant in your company – the number of conducted and rejected conversations, average time of starting conversation or average answer time. When you have an insight into this kind of data analysis, you know which consultants are the most effective and which needs to improve their results. Therefore you can evaluate team performance, something that will allow you to think about the ways to improve your Live Chat customer support. Maybe there are not enough employees in your company assigned to handling the Live Chat, consultants are overworked and that’s why the customers have to wait that long? Or on the contrary, your customers don’t want to use this form of communication, so there is no need for many consultants? If the problem lies in a huge number of conversations, you can integrate the Live Chat with SALESmanago Automatic Sales Chat, a bot that will automatically respond simple questions, and in the meantime the consultant will be free to take care of other tasks.
  • Customer satisfaction from the conversation statistics gives you information about the service your customers receive from the consultants. If the reviews are low, maybe you should consider a training for the employees in customer care, soft skills and interpersonal communication?
  • Average conversation time can also be a valuable piece of information when it comes to evaluating the communication between customers and the company. If the conversations are short, it can mean that customers ask about small issues. In that case, maybe it’s worth including those details on the website? For example, if customers ask whether the bought goods can be picked up personally, publishing this information on the website will save both customers and consultants’ time. On the other hand, if the conversations are long, complicated and concerning issues that normally should be reported in an email, maybe customers think that this channel of communication with your company is ineffective, for example they wait too long for the answer and prefer to contact the company in real time through chat. If your Live Chat consultants spend too much time because of that trying to find a solution for customers problems, then you could think about a way to make your email communication better.
  • Average response time during conversation – a long time of anticipation for consultant’s answer may mean that your employees don’t have the necessary knowledge to answer customers’ questions to resolve the reported problems. In this case, you can prepare a handbook with most frequently asked questions and model responses. It will make your team reaction time shorter, because your employees will have an easier access to information without having to look for it in scattered sources.
  • The URL from which the customers most frequently contact the company – the conclusions drawn from the analysis of this statistics can be twofold, depending on the type of questions asked by the customers. A frequent use of chat on a specific subpage can mean that it’s very attractive for the customers or, in a worst-case scenario, that it doesn’t contain enough information. In the first case the website attracts attention, is well designed, has great UX and clear and captivating Call to Action which makes the users want to use the company’s services and contact it through chat. This page shows you which kind of content is engaging and should give you some hints regarding how to optimize your other subpages. In the second case, if the customers ask frequently about more information, that means that the page lacks it. And at last, if they ask about information already included on the website, the cause is probably that the content is incorrectly distributed on the website. The users can’t see the relevant information, and the website is not well designed.
  • Number of leads – Live Chat Analytics delivers complex information regarding the number of chat unique openings, overall form fill-in and the number of leads generated in the case of displaying or not displaying the form or the absence of consultant. The chart shows, for example, the ratio of every fill-in (including monitorized and not monitorized contacts) to the newly generated leads. This helps you to choose the most optimal way of displaying the form in Live Chat.



Now you are aware that Live Chat Analytics is not only a handful of statistics about the conversations, but a much more powerful tool that accompanies the advanced possibilities of the SALESmanago Live Chat. This duo will enable you to generate new leads more effectively and use this channel in customer service. You’ll also get loads of useful information about the performance of the Live Chat and your employees.



Sounds good?


Start using Live Chat and Analytics right now!