Huge traffic which does not result in the generated sales leads, is a common struggle for every marketer. It resembles a fisherman having found a plentiful water but with no bait on his hook. A fish pass his fishing rod, a fly line tickles their tails, and they can even see his brim and frowned expression over the surface. The unfortunate fisherman looks down from his boat and sees the opulence for the taking, but it is out of his reach because he lacks an appropriate tool.

A contact form created with Marketing Automation is a “densely woven trammel” which enables you to catch plenty of leads.


The anatomy of a problem


The users visit your website, browse materials, but neither leave data nor do shopping. They keep coming and going- most  of them do not intend to come back anymore. So, it is up to you to catch their attention here and now, while reading your blog or scanning the price list- you can easily lose them on behalf of your competition.

The capability of catching anonymous users if invaluable.  Without that, most of your marketing activity is wasted. You need to remember that you do not make income of the users’ visits, but you do earn from the money they actually spend. So, how to make that work if you let them go so easily?

You can have a huge amount of users and low sales at the same time, so you should never base on the bare number of visitors, while defining the efficiency of your marketing. As already mentioned, efficient analytics is contextual in character i.e. its aim is to determine relations between particular parameters, e.g. between the number of visitors and the amount of generated sales leads.

But while you are diagnosing a problem with the lead generation, Marketing Automation can deliver you an extremely functional tool which enables a considerable enhancement of the customer acquisition process – popup forms for the anonymous users.

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Smart popup

Popup name: Automatic contact forms for anonymous users.

How it works: When the system recognizes the anonymous user (i.e. a user who had not left any data before), it displays a contact form inviting to subscribe to newsletter or downloading the material.

The form is not displayed to a person who have already left their data.

You define the form shape yourself (text, CTA, amount of fields)


How to set-up a pop-up in SALESmanago:

  1. Prepare a form (details in our support)
  2. Select: Show only to anonymous users with high scoring
  3. Paste form code to your website.


Thanks to that, the form will be displayed to the specified target group: those who have not given their e-mail address yet, but they have spent some time on the website and are aware of who you are and what can you offer them.

It helps us avoid a situation when you display a form to already signed users, or to those still not ready to give their data, because they have spent not enough time on your website. If a person has just entered your website and did not manage to become familiar with your company, there is a low probability for them to trust you. More probably they will consider it an intrusive action. It is like trying to get a phone number from a newly acquainted person. There may be some who will, but more likely is you will be considered a psychopath.


Why should I sign up?

The content of a popup form is extremely important, it decides whether a customer purchases goods or not. Thus, in the first place give a reason for leaving you one’s personal data. Offer something in return, e.g. a discount (-20% for subscribing to newsletter) or an access to materials (Download a guidebook- for free)


How to design a form?


  1. Size matters. Make sure that a button is big and visible. Conversion Doctor’s research shows that forms with big buttons convert better.
  2. Do not use words associated with a strong commitment, e.g. register.
  3. Ensure about benefits and privacy policy. The user needs to feel secure.
  4. Avoid creating too complicated contact forms containing a lot of fields (e.g. phone number, address data). The best field amount is between 3 to 5; no one likes endless filling in the form.


Progressive profiling


Anonymous user is probably not familiar with your company policy and would not feel secure while giving too much information and personal data. While projecting contact forms, always use progressive profiling, adjusting the amount of required fields to the engagement of user.

If someone has been following the materials for two months, has been to 3 webinars and has downloaded 5th ebook, asking about a phone number is natural. However, if you ask the same a fresh user, barely knowing you, do not expect him to act the same. The person is likely to leave the form or to give false data e.g. made-up phone number or spam e-mail address,.

Such fears are normal- recipients fear spamming their e-mails, feel overwhelmed with information and do not want to make commitments- especially when they do not know the sender.

Read more about progressive profiling


The effects of implementing smart popups


That solution enables you to address your target precisely:

-you generate leads from anonymous traffic on your website

-it does not display the contact form to users, which have already given their contact data or to those not ready for that


Therefore you can make most of your content marketing and to build a target group which will become your clients.