sales deptMarketing Automation systems and tools become more and more popular, not only among big businesses but also among those smaller, employing a dozen or so staff members. Particularly in a situation, when we have limited resources, the systems for Marketing Automation meet expectations of small businesses or even start-ups. Why is that?

First of all, Marketing Automation is a multifunction tool, allowing to cut down on the costs, while increasing the efficiency at the same time. How does automation in fact influences the sales department productivity increase? According to Forrester Research analysis, businesses taking advantage of educational – informative emails cycle, which is Lead Nurturing, generate 50% more leads prepared for sales, decreasing the cost per lead rating by 33% at the same time.

Marketing Automation is able to significantly increase the effectiveness of sales department with just a few basic system capabilities. What do we have to absolutely remember about then?

Only well prepared leads should hit the sales department

How to separate the leads which are ready for a contact with the salesperson from those which first need to be prepared accordingly for that? Marketing Automation allows to monitor: particular contacts, what the contact was interested in when visiting the WWW page, their purchase path or downloaded materials. Based on this kind of data, the system builds a behavioral profile of a particular person, together with proper segmentation. Rest on gathered information, we can select those contacts, which behavior suggests they are ready for contact with the salesperson, in much easier and effective way. In turn, based on their experience, the sales department can also help to determine what features define a contact ready for a purchase. After all, they have (often direct) contact with potential client and found on their own experience they can considerably influence the process of leads preparation from the moment of their acquisition.

Contact scoring as an engagement reflection

Lead scoring is simply a system of assigning points to a particular lead on its contact card. Depending on the degree of interest and activity manifested within particular WWW page, the system can assign various number of points, corresponding to peculiar actions. This can be: downloading materials from the WWW page, signing up for a newsletter, visiting particular subpage, for instance with the price list. Once a particular contact reaches a predefined level through its activity and engagement, Marketing Automation system can send an alert to for example sales department, with short information that this or that contact is very likely ready for further stage of a sales process. Such notifications allow the salesperson for an immediate reaction, increasing possibility to reach a client the moment he or she is highly interested in the offer.


Information collected by automation systems and available in real-time are invaluable source of proven information about potential clients. It often turns out simply essential in order to effectively pursue marketing – sales processes. Another benefit of such systems is its capability to save time for both departments, where clients’ behavior ‘by hand’ monitoring takes place. While the system collects and analyses further data about potential clients, in this time marketing and sales can perform other activities, requiring their constant attention.