Marketo, one of Marketing Automation industry leaders, carried out their own research concerning the use of technology in marketing. According to their study, 43% of small businesses, which employ up to 50 persons, do not implement e-mail Marketing systems. However, in bigger companies, Marketing Automation systems are natural choice and are used to pursue more effective email campaigns.

Curiously enough, it turns out that Marketing Automation implementation leads up to e-mailings increase and improvement of their effectiveness. 60% of surveyees confirmed that they sent up to 10 e-mails a month. 45% send less than 5 e-mail messages a month. Most companies belong to this last group (46%!), which doesn’t take advantage of any technology dedicated to e-mailing.

How many email messages are sent by companies using traditional platform for e-mail Marketing?

Another interesting conclusion from carried out survey is a fact that taking advantage of traditional e-Mailing platforms doesn’t influence the amount of e-mailings. 58% of businesses, which use such platforms send less than 5 e-mails a month. In contrast, in the case of marketers enforcing Marketing Automation, only 27% send less than 5 e-mails a month. Moreover, the result shrinks to 15%, when business has been using Marketing Automation for over a year.

Why businesses with implemented Marketing Automation send more e-mail messages?

The main foundation of Marketing Automation is delivery of tailor-made message, at the right time, to the right person. Simply, the businesses with Marketing Automation are able to abstract client needs and moments to communicate with them. Therefore, sending a message in reaction to consumer’s behavior and accomplishing Lead Nurturing, results in sending greater number of messages. It must be mentioned that this is the content desired by their potential or current clients and that’s why it leads to higher OR, CTR and conversion, even though they sent much more content than businesses with e-mail Marketing only.

What refrains from Marketing Automation implementation?

Judging from VentureBeat research we can list 3 main concerns related to marketing and sales automation implementation:

  • Do we have appropriate skills in the company to take advantage of a new tool?
  • Will Marketing Automation bring real benefits?
  • Can we afford Marketing Automation implementation?

Why it’s worth to start using Marketing Automation for e-mail campaigns?

It might be discussed if increasing amount of e-mails sent is a positive thing. However, statistics and results reached by companies implementing Marketing Automation speak for themselves. As reported by our own research performed among SALESmanago Marketing Automation clients, it turns out that e-mail campaigns with SALESmanago bring positive results, especially in the area of tailoring message to the interests of individual receiver.

ma 1

Leaving out the two problems indicated on the graph above and tailoring the communication, make e-mailing parameters grow and this results in higher sales conversion.

ma 2

E-mail marketing channel is still the most popular means of communication with client. That’s why more and more businesses send e-mail messages, what we may observe in our inboxes. So what is to be done to stand out from the crowd of messages? It looks like the only effective idea is sending that content, which is desired and expected by the receiver. This all is truly simple, when taking advantage of SALESmanago Marketing Automation, where we identify persons on WWW page, monitor their behavior and automatically react sending the them content they are interested in.