stock-image-97480882-compressorThe first law of shitty emails is – if you don’t know how to catch a fish you won’t be able to catch a customer via email.

Seriously! What’s wrong with you guys? I open my inbox, and instantly want to delete all incoming messages. And if I, by mistake, open one – I want to return it to a sender, with description “address unknown” in a split second.

The problem isn’t even the aesthetics of the email. They just don’t make me want to read the whole thing! How to change that? There are some rules to obey if you want to raise your emails’ ORs.


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First rule – The Time

When do you go fishing? When all the little fishes sleep, or when they go out to look for food? You can’t expect the customers to welcome your email with arms wide open, while they are busy, or when they sleep. You must adjust the sending time to their habits and needs. How to do that? – You ask. Well, use software that builds users’ behavioral profiles and automates the email sending according to triggers connected to their online actions. More clues you want? Try marketing automation platform – arrange the conditions and activate automation rules. There! I fixed it for you!


Second rule – The Education

Good fishermen are patient and teach the fishes, that they can eat-all-you-want for free during scheduled hours in selected places. As the result fishes come there by themselves to get some food without some major effort. Sounds good, isn’t it? Do you want to do the same?

There’s a solution – a process in which you educate your prospective leads almost effortlessly. The name is Lead Nurturing. Once you prepare a cycle of emails that will raise customers’ brand and product awareness with bite-sized pieces of content, you can rest assured that leads are slowly getting convinced to become loyal clients.


Third rule – The Bait

Without a decent bite, you rather won’t catch many fishes. You have to prepare it according to fish’s taste and preferences. Some of them will fall for a living and move worm. The others prefer something shiny. Nonetheless, it has to be luring.

And the email? Same here. The good title attracts people to click. And I’m not talking about those scummy clickbites. Good email title is rather short and essential. It promises instead of selling. It’s also a good idea to include some CtA in it. Users read this stuff on their smartphones, you know. They scroll like robots. So if you won’t tell them what you expect them to do, they might not figure it out. It’s as simple as it takes. Also – try A/B testing in your target groups. This way you won’t have to guess what kind of title butters their parsnips.


Fourth rule – The Looks

Let’s talk about the worms some more, ok? The reason that angling with the worm is not the easiest way to get a fish is that you have to put a worm on the hook alive and don’t splatter it all over. Live, fat, kicking and dancing worm will get you more prey than dying, blunt and disgusting one.

Now imagine your smartphone. What kind of email you’d rather read? A firm, responsive piece of content, or the one that has the letters all over the screen, so you have to scroll and scroll, and scroll to read it? Think of email wizard that allows for a preview of email on the different screen sizes before you press send button!


Fifth Rule – The Updates

Sometimes fishes move to another nursery grounds no matter how hard you try. That’s why you have to be in the swim in about their habits and behavior. Always check your places once in a while to be prepared for any situation.

Keep your finger on the pulse if it comes to your database. Around 20% – 30% of email addresses become useless every year. Update it and clean it on the monthly basis so it stays locked and loaded when you need it. Look for double entries, typos and syntax errors in a first place. Then check users’ reactions to emails. If she doesn’t respond for over a year, it might be a clue. Don’t be afraid of cutting off some non-prospective addresses. In this case, quality beats the quantity with no doubts.

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