Virtual reality, post-truth, fight for the real news in the Internet – this is what the Internet talked much about in November 2016. Enjoy reading!


  1. Meet the Polish Prometheus – one of the fastest computers in the world
    Supercomputer “Prometheus” was announced one of the top 500 fastest computers in the world and… it is Polish!
  2. Wearable virtual reality
    How we get to the virtual reality, where are we now, and where are we heading to. This infographic provides you with a condense information set on the hot topic of virtual reality.
  3. Facebook’s new video strategy
    Video first”  is the officially announced Facebook strategy for the year 2017. Read the whole article and learn more.
  4. Use VR for your new marketing campaign!
    A little bit more about the Virtual Reality – tips for marketers.
  5. People who think of computation as being completed are in the ash sucker phase – get to know quantum computers.
    What quantum computing is about? How can it change the way we solve global problems? Microsoft is close to move the scalable quantum computers from the research to the implementation phase – read about the upcoming changes.
  6. This Allegro add is conquering the Internet
    Allegro’s Polish migration story conquered hearts around the world. That’s how an engaging advertisement should look like!
  7. Google Search – 10 useful tips
    Not satisfied with your google search results? Read these 10 useful tips and improve your google search experience.
  8. Google introduces new strategy against fake news
    Distinguishing fake from real news is not always possible. Google takes steps to diminish their visibility.
  9. A Post-Truth – the term of 2016
    A Post-Truth term became the oxford dictionaries’ word of the year 2016, as its usage increased by 2 000% (!) compared to year 2015. A lot of talk around it this year – familiarize yourself with the Post-Truth term.
  10. A breakthrough for Nokia is coming?
    The former mobile market giant Nokia will introduce Android-based phones in the beginning of 2017. Is it a real chance for them to come back to the global market? Fingers crossed. Again.
  11. Apple to move or not to move production to USA?
    If Apple moves production to USA, then it would be a clear sign of a political pressure. Many spread the news of Apple’s plans moving to USA, but the feasibility report clearly shows that such decision would triple the production costs.
  12. The State of Social Media 2016 Report
    Read this comprehensive report on Social Media and learn about the most important trends on the market. We also encourage to read our post grasping the core of social media marketing tools.
  13. Girls! Let’s get inspired by this ladies
    50 most influential women in digital marketing rank – read and learn what is top to learn about within the digital marketing.
  14. Marketing technologist – top skills needed
    Read about the four top marketer’s wanted skills.
  15. Finally it is here: an app to connect producers directly with the end-consumers
    Omit supermarkets and get your ecological food directly from farmers. Aussie Foods company provides a solution that makes the process much more convenient!