Each year millions of Americans sit down on the couch to watch the final game of the NFL season. This special event stirs utter emotions and boosts TV ratings sky high. No wonder, then, that manufacturers and companies are willing to pay an incredible amount of
5 million dollars for a 30-second spot broadcasted during one of the breaks! The commercials are perfectly planned and created with the utmost care for details and aesthetics. They are engaging, scrutinized and arouse strong emotions.

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However, in the Omnichannel era, a TV spot is definitely not the last thing that producers can come up with for their end-users. The whole Super Bowl marketing hype infiltrates into consumers’ lives through different channels, intensively engaging the digital channel as well as the mobile one. Of course, the official NFLapps can be easily downloaded, as well as those directly linked with the event, however it is not all the mobile channel has to offer on Super Bowl, though.  

Obviously, the use of apps during that period is directly connected to the football season specifics. Nobody expects a sudden popularity peak of educational or entertainment apps. However, the use of food delivery or transportation apps goes up significantly. Most common social media platforms, like Twitter or Facebook are also popular. It is exactly the place where marketers and advertisers concentrate their efforts. Let’s see who won on Twitter this year:



Last week saw #SuperBowl being No 1. most popular hashtags on Twitter.


popular hashtags by hashtagify.me


The engagement on the popular tweeting site was huge, in general. The number of tweets reached almost 28 mln. The news kept a live commentary of the actions on the pitch.

Also the advertisers tried to keep up with the pace. For instance, the Guardians Of The Galaxy joined the dance at halftime, by posting this cute gif:


Snickers, in turn, reminded everyone about the importance of a good snacki:

When it comes to Facebooka, Honda and Jeep rocked the house, each one in their own category. Honda’s spot was the most viewed, the total number reached over 14,1 mln:



Hyundai’s commercial, in turn, provoked highest viewers’ enagement – over 14%:




The case of Butterfinger – snacks manufacturer – is also worth mentioning. In order to prepare a perfect campaign, they decided to turn to Facebook’s creative team. Their aim was to come up with such spot that would make viewers slow down their pace of scrolling down the newsfeed and actually turn the audio on. As Facebook starts playing a video with no sound, by default, the ad had subtitles, which disappeared after the click, changing into a traditional narration. Here’s the outcome:

Additionally, the spot was cut into short pieces and posted on different channels in the form of a gif. The effect was more than satisfactory: 45% of the people who saw the first 3 seconds of the spot clicked to see the rest and 65% of users saw at least 10 seconds of the spot (data provided by Adweek)

In the commercials themselves, the producers place links directing viewers to the particular sites and places in the web that are directly related with the displayed spot. Usually these are above mentioned hashtags and URL addresses. Hashtags used to be most popular in the last few years but the recent trend indicates URL addresses to step in their place more and more often.


A general infographics summary of all in-game commercials is brought to you by Marketing Land:



Ok, time for crème de la crème… here are the best Super Bowl commercials 2017:

  1. Dancing Mr. Clean


  1. Kia Niro & Melissa McCarthy (#SmartWay)


  1. NFL Kids


  1. Avengers & Coke Mini (#CokeMini)


    1. Late-night romancing by Skittles (#TasteTheRainbow)