The future of SEO? Stop isolating it from your other actions and adopt a holistic approach. SEO must be an integral part of your communication. Combine it with content marketing and Marketing Automation, so you develop a smooth workflow of generating, nurturing and converting leads.

You might think that SEO and Marketing Automation address different stages of customer’s journey. While SEO increases website visibility and traffic, Marketing Automation delivers relevant content to particular users at the most suitable time. But separating these two is a huge mistake.

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Holistic approach

In holistic approach, we want to generate organic traffic, not to buy links or stuff our posts with keywords. These are short-term strategies that will backfire as soon as the algorithms change (and they change often). To build a stable position in search engines, you must deliver valuable content.

“Valuable content” – what it means?

How to define valuable content? It is:
– addressed to a precisely defined group: you speak your readers’ language and know the problems they face. It’s also a good idea to personalize content for an individual user on the website,
– useful: you answer a question troubling your audience or help them solve a problem,
– reader-friendly and well-written,
– fresh and up to date.

So to make your content rank high you need 3 weapons in your arsenal:
SEO: allows you to recognize what users search for and helps users find your answers to their questions,
Content Marketing: creating compelling, accessible and useful materials based on audience’s needs,
Marketing Automation: to get deep insight into customers profiles, personalize content and monitor your campaigns.


Marketing Automation data enrich SEO

Marketing Automation Platforms offer a detailed analysis of customers behavior. Use that knowledge (for example about sources of visits or interests) to improve your SEO and Content Marketing efforts.


A Complex Platform

Marketing Automation system stimulates synergy and integration between various teams in the company. It also gives you an overlook for all your actions, so you can see your communication as a whole.

With MAP, you can easily set targets and monitor effects, what helps you optimize efforts and find the most successful keywords and phrases (ones that translate into sales, not only into traffic). That way you can successfully generate organic traffic.

Also, thanks to Marketing Automation you fully exploit the potential of generated traffic.  You will quickly create landing pages and contact forms (or any other Lead Generation mechanisms) and will track users’ behavior from their first visit to customize your website and messages for each person. That way you increase the likelihood that they will go back to your website and buy.