We know it’s just the beginning of December, the Christmas planning just started, and Last Christmas gig miraculously wasn’t yet played at your favorite radio station. But wait! If you the one in charge of the Christmas campaign, you should deeply consider your marketing strategy for this year to reach out both existing and potential customers in the most efficient way, to use the full potential of message personalization, and thus maximize the value of each transaction.

What should you pay attention to and what steps make in a first place to play well a Christmas card?
First, prepare a profile of a model client. Buyer Persona, because that’s its name, is a fictional character representing potential customers, their desires, motivation, and behavior. The aim of creating a persona is to ease the analysis of data obtained from, among other sources, the marketing automation platform. Moreover, it improves company’s internal communication, optimizes the cost of advertising and enriches the analytics. More about creating and using a persona you can read in our ebook: Buyer Persona in Marketing Automation.
The second thing is to prepare a shopping experience to remember for your customers and users. Before you state that your company is already creating the experience at the highest level, remember that it’s the thing said by up to 80% of CEOs, and only 8% of clients…

To prepare for these activities, you will need a thorough and complete integration of data from different channels used by consumers. First of all, take care of the analysis of Digital Body Language and monitoring behavior on the website. Then integrate their behavior in a brick-and-mortar store. Keep a dialogue with customers, use beacons and a loyalty program, which will help you to complement data on the long-term purchasing habits.
For the full picture, you will also need the data from the mobile channel. Remember that smartphones accompany users on every step and collect data not available from the desktop. Additionally, they are also great message carriers, as users are programmed to respond quickly to messages received on the phone – not just SMS, but also emails and push notifications.
A mobile application that will help both to collect behavioral data, and create a complete and unique shopping experience for all customers is also a good idea.

Marketing in the mobile channel must keep pace with much faster behavioral changes than traditional digital marketing. The motto that you should assimilate and write out with big letters on the wall is the Real-time Marketing. Yes! In the mobile world, if you are late with the response, then you might as well skip it. The out-of-context messages and actions, in the mobile channel, are not only ineffective but actually counterproductive. Imagine that you are heading home after fruitful shopping morning and you receive a message with an invitation and discount for lunch in a mall you’ve just left… To avoid this kind of situation, you will need a platform for mobile marketing automation, preferably the one that can be integrated with marketing automation platform you are currently using. Our type is APPmanago, which is an intuitive tool to analyze app users’ behavior, automate communication with them, create behavioral profiles and integrate data from the mobile channel with data from traditional CRM, for example, SALESmanago. Here is a brief presentation of the product: