The percentage of businesses that use CRM tools in UE increased by 23.5% during the past ten years.

The popularity of marketing automation tools grows bit by bit on a yearly basis. It’s great news! It means that we’re leaving behind us the times of clumsy, spam campaigns, and lean towards personalized communication combined with predictive marketing. This solution benefits both: marketers and users. The first ones gain increased revenue and shortened purchasing process, the latter spare time and nerves.
Do you need proof? In 2007, an average of 17% of companies used these tools, while now the figure is 21%. Let’s see which European countries did the largest increase in this area!

The increase of CRM tools usage during the past 10 years


The most impressive dynamics of changes had: Lithuania +155%,

The dynamics of change in CRM tools usage in Lithuania

Netherlands +114%

The dynamics of change in CRM tools usage in Netherlands

France +111%

The dynamics of change in CRM tools usage in France

and Estonia +100%

The dynamics of change in CRM tools usage in Estonia

However, those countries started from a really low level back in 2007 – the average percentage of companies using CRM hovered there in around 10%, so they had a lot of room to maneuver.

At the opposite and we find Germany and Austria. In these countries, the dynamics of CRM tools usage has declined since 2007. In Germany, the decrease reached 20%, while in Austria – 10.3%.

The dynamics of change in CRM tools usage in Germany

Both Germany and Austria started in 2007 from a very high level of CRM usage in companies. The share reached 30% in Germany and 29% in Austria. 

Zmiany w użyciu narzędzi CRM w Austrii

Although, in Germany, this unfavorable trend was slowed and then stopped in 2012.


Despite these few countries showing a declining tendency, the overall trend in the European Union  is definitely on the rise when it comes to the use of CRM tools. The table below summarizes the data on the market share of companies using CRM in individual EU countries.


As you can see, in the vast majority of European countries, the share of companies using CRM tool continues to grow.

The growing popularity and better understanding of CRM tools combined with marketing automation platforms will cause a change in the approach to both clients and marketing as the whole process. Today’s companies cease to perceive marketing as a sequence of separate actions and begin to see them as multidimensional, dynamic whole, in which every single purchase consists of dozens of different factors.

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