Adding SMS messages templates to SALESmanago platform became an excuse for us to remind you of texts position in mobile marketing. Those short messages have undeniable value and numerous applications. One can use them as well to improve company’s internal communication.

One of the most important tasks that Human Resources is tasked with is finding a way to track and communicate with their employees. With traditional channels like phone calls and email not getting the results they used to, it’s time to find a new solution. For many companies looking to improve their HR communications, this new solution is SMS text messaging.

Mass text messaging is an incredibly powerful communication method, with over 95% of all messages opened. Because most people have their phones within arm’s reach at all times, the messages are opened quickly, too.

Here are four ways SMS text messaging can make your HR department more efficient:

  1. Simple Employee Notifications

Many employees are already using their mobile phones for work communication, so it makes sense to reach out to employees with text messages. You should offer employees the ability to opt-in to standard communications, such as event or schedule reminders, or employee achievements. This helps them keep their Inbox clean while still staying in the loop about important company information.

  1. Recruiting Talent

We already know exactly how important it is to have a mobile strategy for recruitment, and SMS text messaging can be an important part of those plans. Many recruiters are using SMS to reach out to their candidates and answer questions already because it’s quick and convenient. With mass text messaging, however, you can quickly reach out to your entire database to update them on a recent posting, announce a new opening, or ask a quick question. This lets you avoid using your personal phone number and still have instant, easy access to your candidates.

  1. Time Tracking

Companies lose thousands of dollars every single year due to time tracking inefficiencies. This is due to the amount of time spent on manual processes and recordkeeping, and accidentally overpaying employees due to inefficiencies. SMS text messaging offers a great way to bridge the gap.

When employees are able to clock in and out using a mobile solution, you can track their location exactly, knowing if they’re in the office yet or not. You can also send them automatic reminders if they haven’t clocked in yet and they should have, saving you from having to manually adjust timesheets when employees forget to clock in or out. Overall, it streamlines the process a great deal and makes time tracking much simpler.

  1. Emergency Notifications

Helping your company prepare for the unexpected is critical. If there’s news that absolutely needs to reach somebody immediately, such as an impending product recall or even just the office closing for inclement weather, HR should be prepared to reach out to everybody with mass text messaging. Because text messages are opened quickly at a high rate, you can rest assured that everybody who needs to get the message will get it.

Has your HR department had problems with communication that were solved by SMS text messaging? Do you have any questions about the process? Make sure to let us know with a comment below.

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